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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

anime review: toradora

TORADORA!  and the amin characters
toradora is a cute romantic comedy anime. the story revolves around aisaka taiga and takasu syuuji who live next to each other.

ryuuji, despite his appearance like a yankee is actually is a soft hearted boy who loves cooking and cleaning. he has a crush on a classmate called minori. taiga on the other hand, live alone after the fall out with her parents. a certain love letter accident brought them together where ryuuji promise to help taiga confess to her crush, kitamura. however, it kitamura rejected taiga so but taiga hold out to her promise and help ryuuji confess to minorin even by that time she has feelings for ryuuji, despite her attempt to hide it.

minorin was well aware of taiga's feeling for ryuuji and even though she also like ryuuji, she rejected him even before he had a chance to confess. in her (minorin) words, "i can grab my own happiness but if ryuuji leave taiga now, she'll lose all hope in life". this refer to taiga's dependent on ryuuji in her life such as preparing food and cleaning. ryuuji also give taiga a little feeling belonging and family, the feeling that taiga's had long lost due to her conflict with her family.

taiga's tears
the clashing of character between ryuuji (soft-hearted kind boy) and taiga (brutal mini tiger/tsundere) is so hilarious. it was kind of a refreshing anime where in here viewer can relate to their life. the plot was also well written and it was hard not to root for taiga. other than ryuuji and taiga's relationship, there is also a dash of school-life added to it making it much more cuter yet balanced between love and life. i highly recommend this for those who love romantic comedy.

palmtop tiger kick!!!

is a combination of both ryuuji and taiga's name
tora means tiger in Japanese and it refers to taiga's nick name "palmtop tiger/ palmtop taiga" and dora is the first two syllable of japanese  way of saying dragon (doragon) which is ryuuji's name (ryu=dragon)