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Saturday, October 26, 2013

anime review: ano natsu de matteru

i watched this anime last night and to be honest i was totally disappointed. sharing the same director with AnoHAna and Toradora, i had high expectation for this anime, but i found it quite bland. to be honest, i watched this because i need a little feels. but throughout the anime i didn't had any feels ride. no. none. nada. empty. zero.

but i can't base this anime just because it didn't make me cry. here are some reviews of it:

the plot:
the plot what somewhat quite similar to most romance anime lately. a girl in a spacecraft crashed on earth and ended up living with the male protagonist? this was done multiple times that it was quite expected. however this time it is not the usual harem in which all the girls want that one boy, which make it much more bearable. it all began when the Kirishima Kaito decide to make a movie. with the help of his friends (Tetsurou, Mio, Ichika and Kanna)  and a scheming-chibi senior. here the plot started to revolve around those characters and slowly each and every characters' secrets and feelings were revealed. however in the romantic department between Ichika and kaito was quite rushed (confessing at second episode?) but it was smoothed down on the later episodes.

the setting:
natsu yasumi (summer holidays). usually, the summer holidays scene was added purely for the sake of fanservice but this anime use the whole summer holidays as setting thus escape the usually new-school-term anime stereotypes. because of the summer setting, we can see the characters wear and use different kind of clothes so it was much more colourful.

the characters:
the characters were developed quite nicely. however, it was obvious who had a crush on who even in the first episode. and it ticked me off because out of all the possible couples, only one make it official.

the art:
thanks to the summer holidays setting, the art of this anime was colourful and bright. however, JC Staff was one of the best animator so it was quite expected. in short, the art was nice and managed to really brings out the mood.

the opening and ending of the anime was okay but i really wanted to complaint about the background music on the emotional scenes. it was just not there. i believe sometimes we cried at some scenes because of the background music but in this anime the background music failed quite badly.

all in all, it was indeed a good anime. i am just pissed because it failed to make me cry. maybe i need find the mood and watch it again. maybe i need to really understand the whole if-i'm-gone-we-will-never-meet-again and i-live-in-the-other-galaxy ideas to get the feels.
highly recommend this to those who into romance anime