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Sunday, October 27, 2013

anime review: lucky star

well, lucky star is a comedy anime revolving the lives of four girls Uzumi Konata, Takara Miyuki and the twins Hiiragi Kagami and Hiiragi tsukasa.
it was so funny because it reflects on our everyday life in a much more relaxed manner and we can relate to them.

the plot:
plot? what plot? there is no actual plot in this anime, just a bunch of randomness. however it seemed to be that it ranged from their second year to third year in high school.

the setting:
the anime took place in various setting such as their school, homes, workplace (konata), and their town. in general it was based on the city of Kasukabe in Saitama prefecture.

the characters:
the main characters are those four mentioned above. despite being best friends they are very different from one another.

Konata: a self proclaimed otaku. she was raised by her father after the death of her mother. she is quite smart in a way but very lazy especially in studies. she is short and underdeveloped, often mistaken as middle schooler. Konata was exposed to manga, game and anime at a very younger age thanks to her father influence. she works part time in a cosplay cafe and cosplays the character Haruhi Suzumiya (which is interesting because konata and haruhi share the same seiyuu, Aya Hirano).

Kagami: she is the older twin of the Hiiragi twins. she is in a different class from the others yet always seemed to be in tier class. kagami is smart and level headed. she was quick thinker and love to read light novel. it was obvious from the anime that she was the total opposite of Konata. in a demanding situation, she can acts as a leader, showing her good leadership side. konata always teased her for being lonely, which shows how Konata can see past her appearance.

miyuki: miyuki was full of moe. she is like the walking talking encyclopedia in the group. she is so polite yet clumsy, a trait that added to her moeness. often become the target of Konata sexual pranks, yet she is clueless about it.

tsukasa: kagami's twin sister. tsukasa was totally different from kagami. she is quite slow academically yet very good at house chores. even if she was quite slow, tsukasa was shown to works diligently on her studies (but what she understands is all wrong). tsukasa was also a bit of an airhead always lost the conversation between kagami and Konata.

there are also lots of others characters that were introduced throughout the anime but these four is the main characters so i'll just review them.

the art:
i called this kinda art as the lazy animator art. they didn't focus too much on the detail. despite that, it makes the anime looks much more relaxed, which fits the anime perfectly.

opening/ending song:
the opening song is the catchy Motteke sera fuku. honestly i like is so much that i never skip it, unlike other animes. but the ending theme was a different story. at first it was of the girls singing in a karaoke room  which only the door on dislpay, later we will see a live action of minoru shiraishi singing all bunch of songs in an off pitch version with funny dance moves and all. it was so funny and at the same time pathetic.