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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

selamat hari raya haji

selamat hari raya aidiladha...

Saturday, October 6, 2012

movie review: the woman in black

assignment da siap so layan movie la sbb nak memujuk hati   celebrate. so semalam donlod citer the Woman In black lakonad daniel radcliffe.

citer ni mmg seram la n lakonan daniel dalam ni berbeza barbanding semasa dalam harry potter. i tend to find the similarities (nostalgic much?) especially during the train ride. but in this movie Dan convey his feeling through his bady language, which shows haw much he has matured in this acting business.

bagi aku movie ni mmg scary la. losts of suprise element in it. knp scary, well ader hantu perempuan, n kanak-kanak. ade scary dools and toys and the time setting. keseluruhan cerita ni mmg baik dengan ending yang twisted giler. tp yg penting - don't go chasing shadows.

always thought this doll was scary. and it is...

What Did They See From The Woman in Black
childrens ghost 

that's your mummy, joseph.