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Saturday, June 1, 2013

my ebooks

well, technically i haven't read much lately. you know why?
because my ebooks are practically MISSING.
yes, missing.
my Sherlock holmes, pretty little liars, hunger games triology, chick flicks, all were missing.

NOOOO!!!!!!!! my ebooks!!!

story is that my laptop was fried one day and all the things that weren't really mine was lost, never to be found again.
sad thing, i knew. luckily my proposal was okay ( i found it after i went on a crying tirade and called my mother, man, i was such a mess then).

well, gotta haunt more ebooks then.

movie review: coraline

well, mase tngah main2 naik turun cursor, terjumpa movie ni, mesti ada yang masukkan (wink wink thanks :3)
coraline... hmmm. what can i make out of this movie. honestly i think this is like the mix of tim burton and alice in wonderland.
unless in wonderland alice got the red queen but coraline got a  beldam  (whatever that is).
i think this is like a fresh take that the usual movies. but at the first half it was quite boring, the storyline was rather slow then, but it gets better.
well i really suggest this to anyone who want a little something different.

button eyes, signal that you should run, Coraline