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Saturday, April 30, 2011

99 things worth knowing about me (for my 99 th post)

  1.  i am a girl (technically and totally a girl)
  2.  i am the first of four sibling
  3.  i love vanilla
  4. i love cats
  5.  i hate anchovies
  6.  i only prefer my mak's nasi lemak
  7. i an afraid of scorpions (childhood trauma)
  8.  a speak two languages 
  9.  admire blair waldort character in gossip girl
  10. give me a 5 inches thick book (good, fascinating book) and i can finished it in a day
  11. i LOVE harry potter
  12. i think punkster are cool
  13. i like the colour black, white and red (emo colour)
  14. my childhood name was wawa (dont call me that)
  15. i like to collect quotes
  16. my favourite authors are rudyard kipling, j.k rowling and lewis caroll
  17. i love seafood
  18. my sister hate me
  19. i hate my sister
  20. i have and had lots of kinds of pets
  21. i want to open a petting zoo
  22. i secretly wanted to be a dj
  23. my dad let me do anything i want cause i'm sensible
  24. i love to watch tim burton's, and david yates film
  25. i named my pet cat 'KILLER"
  26.  i like man who let their woman to be independent
  27. i love writing 
  28. i am clumsy
  29. i have a quite serious chocolate binge during 'that time of the month'
  30. i sleep like 10 hours a day, lesser and i'll get cranky
  31. i hate mushroom soup
  32. i write on my wall, literally
  33.  i sined all the petition i found if it is about saving the endangered species
  34. my favourite wild animal is wolf
  35. i think werewolf are cooler than vampire
  36. i hate twilight
  37. i don't really like  milo
  38. i have bad handwriting
  39. i cant draw
  40. i am bad at determining distance
  41. i am direction blind, i get lost easily
  42. i love to be in the dark especially when my mood is not so okay
  43. i love the flower queen orchids
  44. i tease my brother a lot
  45. i always have veggie in my meal, it's a must
  46. i never had accident (motorcycle/car) 
  47. i love playing in the water
  48. i like to talk about me than other people (i dont do gossip)
  49. i am a firm believer in karma, what goes around come around
  50. i love the lavender scent
  51. i like to plan before i do something
  52. i dont really like sweet things
  53. i cant eat anything spicy
  54. i join fanfiction community
  55. i cant play games (computer games)
  56. i depend on my adrenaline during p.e class so i can run faster
  57. i hate jogging
  58. i hate wet toilets
  59. i am not a crybaby, if i cried, thats mean i was hurt so bad
  60. i love teddy bears
  61. never talk about politics in front of me coz i dont get them
  62. i secretly have a crush on someone
  63. i like to be on time
  64. i hate those that make me wait
  65. i hate silly conversation
  66. i prefer smaller groups of dependable friends that lots of two-faced, back-stabbing slut
  67. i used to think that i must be the first because my mom named me 'the first' but now i am not so competitive
  68. i sleep with my blanket no matter how hot it is
  69. i am my own person
  70. i love to listen to song with good lyrics
  71. i think r&b and rap songs are rubbish 
  72. i never been out  of malaysia
  73. i am uncomfortable to be in a place with too many people
  74. i have all of harry potter books and now i'm collecting the dvd
  75. i hate malay drama and lots of their film
  76. i am a realist
  77. one day i want to have a pet tiger 
  78. i prefer to watch national geographic in astro
  79. i still watch cartoon
  80. i hate to argue
  81. i will say whatever i like to whatever i see
  82. i can be in the internet for hours doing nothing
  83. i think i deserve everything i dad
  84. i lost my room to my sister
  85. i dont mind being alone
  86. i dont really like junk food
  87. i hate writer block
  88. i think safari is fascinating
  89. i hate crocodiles
  90. when i was younger i wanted to study animals
  91. i am a gemini
  92. my favourite game show is 'wipeout'
  93. i think britney spears will die young
  94. l cant drink milk, it make me sleepy
  95. if i drink nescafe, i cant sleep for more than 12 hours
  96. i really hate routines
  97. i hate folding my clothes
  98. i like number 6 and 8
  99. i think nobody will read this

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

bloaty and gassy?

perut masuk angin memang wat kite bengang, ye la, bhgian lain ok tetibe ade baby fat kat tummy, lagi sengal, baby fat tu bukan lemak pun, tp angin. (hangin betul la)
saya ader masalah ni dah lmer da. mmg tension. so mase belek-belek cleo baru ni, ade jumpe artikel untuk menghalang perut  masuk angin. tipsnya adalah:

1. kurangkan pengambilan aimuman berkarbonat, gula-gula getah dan juga menggunakan straw. (hmm.. interesting) menurut willian d. chey, seorg dr. kt university of michigan health system, bahan-bahan ini membawa masuk udara ke dalam sistem usus and membuatkan perut kembung.

seem cool but no so cool

2. berhati-hati dengan pengambilan fiber. fiber mmg bagus namun ia boleh terkumpul dalam usus, terperam dan menghasilakan gas. sebaiknya, ambil makanan berfiber secara sedikit-sedikit sehingga anda menemui jumlah yang sesuai untuk diet anda.

3. yoghurt to the rescue. amalkan pengambilan yogurt kerana ia membantu pembentukan bacteria baik dalam perut anda dan mengurangkan bakteria x berapa baik dari menyebabkan gangguan sistem penghadaman.
yummy youghurt

4. no more HFCS (high-fructose corn syrup). badan kita hanya mampu menyerap sebahagian kecil HFCS, dan sepertimana fiber, ia boleh terperam dlm perut dan menghasilkan sesuatu yang x best (kesannya sama seperti fibre) 

Friday, April 22, 2011

dirty little secrets

sometimes i fake empathy to  make others like me

 i think my mum prefer my other sisters more than me because they gave her chance to nag. i am simply too good to be worried of

i am afraid that i'll end up an old maiden with cats as my companion

i hate what i see in the mirror

i prefer to be in the dark

i may be blunt but i hated the truth too

i think i live under the shadow of my sister. people recognize her more than me even though i think im better person

i think i am bulimic coz sometimes i tried to force what i eat out of my body

once i was afraid of failing my parents but now i dream about failing them so they will notice me

i seldom reconnect with people from school coz they are always mean to me

i become quite heartless to people especially those who step upon me

once i thought about suicide coz i'm so lonely and i'm sure nobody gonna miss me when i'm gone (when i was 16)

i lost my best friends but i can never cry for them

i pretend not to care about gossip so i wont be reminded of my lonely life

i am happy now with my life but sometimes the past always come haunting me 

Monday, April 18, 2011

fifi's engagement

just few pics

This is my sis, afifah "fifi" abd manan

with my mum

the freehair one is onother sis, hafizah 'jaja' abd manan

ni lah hantarannya. mak su cakap "pas lawan bn"

sarung cincin

salam bakal mak mertua...

pose sikit...

the rings..

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

what i hate.. i detested them

 when i watch tv/ movie/ something like that,  ada org yang nk komen2. nk komen tunggu citer                                                                            abih la!

biler aku ngah duk diam, ader jer nak ngacau. hey, please respect my moment ok.

budak yang ngada-ngada. rasa cam nak lempang jer.

talam dua muka.  ni semua pun kater x suker, tapi.... lu pk la sendri!

yang suka sngt bergantung ngan org lain. kes malas nk berusaha la nie, sumer nk org watkan

yg perasan macam bagus-sumer dier  wat/ ckap/ gune/dngr/dsb betul

ular-  wont stay near one

wat kerja last minute- unless atas sebab2 tertentu yg boleh diterima

ikan bilis- salty, stinky fish. yuck!

RUMOURS- kalau x tau betul ke x, diam  jer!

lagu yang terlampau merayu-rayu. org xnak, dah la, cari laen jer...

cari aku biler time susah- ni mmg banyk aku jumpe. my defence mechanism- ignore them

faker-  jenis suka berpura-pura. baek jadi kura-kura, boleh aku bela

org yang suka blow kat membe biler gaduh ngan b/f or xde mood- sian la member 2 ckit (my becheperen x camni k)

sup cendawan- i think i can smell the spores

scorpion- i can't stand even being in the same room with it

yg dapat pape maklumat (exam/ asggnment/uak) tp xnak kongsi ngan org len- maklumat org dier nk plak

yg jenis xleh tngok org lebih cikit- mula la nk bersaing who's better

will be updated....

Monday, April 11, 2011


so few days back i called my mom, deciding to drop a bomb about needing more money (hey, cant blame me, i got to pay for everything here). i expected her to nag me (as usual) about how i should manage my money. well, my bomb didn't shocked her as much as hers shocked me (yes, this time she got a bomb at ready for me). my (younger) sister is about to be engaged with someone who isn't her boyfriend. Gasp!

double gasp! hyperventilating....
okay, i'm okay now... breathe in, breathe out
at first i was like, "mum, seriously, you need better reason to avoid giving me more allowances =__=0
then i was like, "seriously!?! like she will be engaged. like in rings and future family-in-law?!?!

so hahaha
best of luck to her.
(oh did i mention she didnt happen to be engaged with her boyfriend?! snicker- snicker)

Friday, April 8, 2011


assignment-assignment-assignement, nuff said.