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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

new place, new life,

first of all, my blog hasn't been personal for so long. i used it to do review on books, movies and anime but i rarely post about anything about me. and it really went against the real point of the blog. in my defence, i always thought that my life was boring and there's nothing exciting to share with. even the reviews are getting lesser. i did watch movies and anime and read books, but i don't find any motivation to post a review about it. plus my internet was shitty.

but now, back on how my life progressed so far. i just finished my studies in a teaching college in Kuala Terengganu and now after 4 months of being unemployed, i am working as a teachers S.K Taman Dato' Harun (Satu), petaling Jaya, selangor. i was excited but at the same time, nervous as hell.
i mean, i was raised in countryside and to live in a bustling city with the highest rate of population really got me off my edge.
for now, i live in a rented room with my friend. i was lucky because she is with me. we went to the same college so i was at some point relaxed. and she used to live in selangor so she showed me bit and pieces about living here.

i wanted to be a teacher since i was you, so i was glad, no more like, i AM EXCITED!!!! i feel like i was walking in the air right now. is it even real? so for now, i must try to work my best so that i can be a good teacher. for now i'm teaching a jumbled subjects like science, english, PE, Health education, art and civic.

being an official teacher is a lot more hard work compared to during practical time. now, there a no lecturer to cover you asses when you got more that 40 periods a week. and the workload.... i just say i was a bit lucky compared to my friends. yet students were all the same to me. same extra energy to burn, making me tired after each class. but i must say i had fun.

good morning, class

moving to Petaling Jaya also give me a chance to meet my friends from high school. and it was our first reunion since 2008. i am glad i've got to meet them.