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Monday, May 31, 2010


Saturday, May 29, 2010

what if

what if,
all the thing we said and done,
can be undone,

what if,
we can change who we are,

what if,
we can go back
and change it all

what if,
we can choose who we are,

what if,
life isn't this complicated

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

exam da hbis...
tinngl folder lak...
folder pkk jer...
BTW folder BIG pun x wat ag....
bnyk r plak kerje.......

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

klaka kan, bile kte x nk cayer. bnde 2 la yg akan jd, tp bile kter cyer mati-mati x jadi lak. ke kte kne caye ape yg kte x leh pecaye n jgn pecaye ape yg blh kte pecaye. huh kanfius da. ini la yg jd mase exan sce 3101 aku...

tpi xleh salahkan sesaper, aku gak yg xnk caye. xde sper suh aku jgn cayer. ironiknya xde sper suh aku cayer. so maybe org len pun cam aku cak kot. huhuhu

BTW ad lg 1 paper n paper ni complicated ckit. so aku nk study bbtol kali ni. bukan nk dpt anugerah pengarah ( x ingin aku anugerah mak ngah) tp at least x nk jd org last dlm kelas. pas abih exam kner wat folder lak.... duh.....

Saturday, May 22, 2010

exam PKK lusa tp mls duh nk study. bace je la memane. da la tukang fotostat wat sial, satu topik dier x fotostate. paner aku cari topik kanak-kank bkeperluan khas, mujur de elsa (student pemulihan) boleh mintk ngan dier. sains pun x bace lg. naper ni makin dekat exam makin aku malas. perut da kenyang raser ngantuk yang amat lak.

no,no, no. wahee, jgn wat camni kt diri sendri. go on. get up. bnyk lg yg ko miss. dont give up, not just yet. la victoria es dulce. xoxo

Friday, May 21, 2010


assalamualaikum and hello everybody. so, this is my first post ever and i just like to say hello and welcome to my life.

actually i'm looking for a place to technically save all my poems and writing (coz i always lost them). i love writing poems and i always write anytime and anywhere, based on how i feel. that's why the blog's name is wahee's life. writing poems is like writing diary to me, so accept it, it's my life.
this is my first poem here, i hope that i can gather all my old poems and dump them all here but i have no time yet (screw the exam!!).

i'm always on the run,
away from my fear
away from my tears
away from my pains
no matter how much i ran
no matter how long i ran
all my pains, tears and fears
still tailing me
pushing me to the edge

so i'm circling my mind
create a world i want to be
my life seems to split
i gave up reality
and living my fantasy

but reality won't let me go
and fantasy is too good to be true
all i have is myself to blame
why it has to be so hard?

i try to face it
all my pains, tears and fears
all of these feeling
dancing in my heart
to the tempo that i cant follow
and i fell
deep into the darkness
without no one to hold on to
may 22 2010
1.50 am
it may a bit dark, but thats what i feel...