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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

meet chuck and lily the turtles"

so, few days back. i bought turtles. I've always wanted turtle when i was younger. i mean i had had cats, rabbits, hamsters, ducks, fish, pet frog, foxes, so lots of other little animals. but i never got turtle. my sister had one but my brother "accidentally"release it, so yeah, it's gone.
so when i brought it at my hostel, they were like "where the hell are we?" they didn't eat and ran frantically around their aquarium. but the next day, they seemed to calm down and started to eat. i'm so glad they started to feel comfortable.
but then, i had another problem. their aquarium smells. i mean i had to replace their water everyday. fortunately it  is a small aquarium and they are still small.
yesterday, my pet cat came to eat. Oyen had always been absent lately. so he was like "hey what was  that?!" and then he was like "i got to find out". it was funny seeing how he tried to get his paws on the turtles. here are few pics of their antics.

"what are they?" curious, curious 

chuck and lily. chuck is the quiet ones, lily is so active she run around the basket (as fas as a tortoise can run)

in their little home...

things under the bed

tiny little girl was crying,
"i don't want to be in there alone. there's things under my bed",
"it may be the boogey monster. it will catch your feet and drag you into a hole'"
her brother said.
her sister said,
"or it may be a giant spider, ready to attack whenever you fall asleep,"
the little girl looked at them,
smirk on her brother while her sister grinned,
"but you still here," she said
"yes cause we fought them," they said
the little girl smiled,
"i'm not afraid anymore,"

this little piece is dedicated to my uncle and aunt who helped me to overcome my fear of things under the bed when i was 4.

Friday, March 25, 2011

the red riding hood

i have this weird fascination with wolf. i know. they're dog family. they're haram. relax. it's not like i want to keep one as pet (although i maybe not thinking twice about tiger, or fennec fox, or fox, or lion or basicaly everything in feline family) ok. back to the topic. i am waiting to get the chance to see the movie the red riding hood. you know the story. little girl, basket, big bad wolf, grandma, hunter. well, that's the little kids story. this story is much more complicated. and the wolves are werewolves. yep you heard (read) me right. there are lots of wolves.

so here a little synopsis:

Valerie (Amanda Seyfried) is a young woman living in the small village of Daggerhorn. She is in love with the woodcutter Peter (Shiloh Fernandez), but her parents Cesaire (Billy Burke) and Suzette (Virginia Madsen) have promised wealthy blacksmith Adrian Lazar (Michael Shanks) that Valerie will marry his son Henry (Max Irons) in order to pay a debt that Cesaire has with Adrian.
An unhappy Valerie plans to run away with Peter, but their plans are put on hold when the town sirens erupt, telling the couple that the werewolf who terrorizes their village has struck again. On closer inspection of the victim, it is found to be Lucy, Valerie's older sister. The townspeople offer a monthly sacrifice to the beast and stay away from the woods but Lucy ventured there after discovering that Valerie had been promised an engagement to Henry, whom Lucy loves.
Adrian, Henry, Peter, Cesaire, and the other men venture out into the woods to hunt the Wolf and manage to behead one, but it kills Adrian in the process. The men bring back a common gray wolf, thinking it is the one that has been terrorizing the village.
While helping Suzette embalm Adrian's body, Valerie discovers that they once had an affair and that Lucy is actually his daughter as well as Henry's half-sister. This is the reason why she could not be offered to him. Valerie also learns that Cesaire is seemingly unaware of this.
The townspeople decide to celebrate the death of the wolf, but their festivities are interrupted by the arrival of famous witch hunter Father Solomon (Gary Oldman) who reveals that the townspeople did not slaughter the real Wolf because it would have changed back into its human form if they did. He then explains that since the Wolf can be wounded by objects made of silver, he has covered the fingernails of one of his hands with it.
Still, the townspeople decide to continue the celebration. But the festivities are once again interrupted by the arrival of the real Wolf, who in a rampage kills several people. It is revealed that those bitten by the creature during the week of a blood moon shall receive the curse as well. Valerie and her friend Roxanne (Shauna Kain) are cornered by the Wolf while attempting to get to the church, as the holy ground is a place of safety. The Wolf then begins speaking to Valerie in growls that she can understand (much to her surprise) in addition to having very brown eyes. When the two arrive back at the village it is shown that one of Father Solomon's guard is still alive, though he has been bitten by the Wolf. Despite the guard's brother's protest, Father Solomon kills the guard in an attempt to save the town from yet another werewolf.
The following day, Roxanne's autistic brother is arrested by Father Solomon, who believes him to be an accomplice of the Wolf due to the frantic state in which he was found after the attack. It is shown that Roxanne's brother is put in to a large metal elephant with a fire burning underneath it - resembling a furnace. For her brother's release Roxanne tells Father Solomon that Valerie can communicate with the Wolf. When later led to her brother, she sees he has already died from the metal elephant. Meanwhile Father Solomon captures Valerie and uses her as a bait to lure the Wolf out of hiding, but she is rescued by Peter and Henry. While Henry frees Valerie's arms from some chains, Peter sets afire the tower from which Father Solomon is overseeing the action. In the act Peter is caught and thrown into the elephant, though the fire is not lit underneath it. Father Solomon's men attempt to shoot at Valerie and Henry, and, in the ensuing mayhem, the Wolf appears, killing many more and following Valerie to the church, where it burns its paw upon entering. Father Solomon attempts to kill the Wolf, but has his hand bitten off. Valerie's friend Roxanne and others shield her from the wolf until the sun rises. Having been bitten, Father Solomon is executed. Meanwhile, Valerie becomes convinced that her Grandmother (Julie Christie) who lives in a cabin in the woods and also has very brown eyes, is the Wolf and sets to destroy her and save the village.
Valerie sets off for her grandmother's house, stopping at the chapel on her way out of the village, and putting Father Solomon's severed hand in her basket. In the woods Valerie meets Peter, who is wearing a glove. He does not explain how he was able to get out of the elephant, but believing him to be the Wolf attempting to hide his burned paw, Valerie slashes him with a knife. She flees to her grandmother's house. When she arrives, it seems as though her grandmother is acting strangely and will not reveal herself to Valerie. It is then revealed that the Wolf was neither Peter nor Valerie's grandmother, but Cesaire as he pulls back the curtains, also showing himself to have been faking her grandmother's voice. Cesaire explains to Valerie that he needs someone to pass his gift onto, as the blood moon is almost over. He explains he originally intended for it to be Lucy, however once she saw him, she remained frightened; revealing that she could not understand him. Any offspring of a Wolf would have been able to understand its language. Upon this revelation, Cesaire acted out of rage and killed Lucy. (This also explains why the wolf clawed Valerie's mother and murdered Adrian.)
As Cesaire is about to bite Valerie, Peter suddenly arrives to save her. Cesaire bites Peter before being killed as Valerie stabs him with the silver fingernails of Father Solomon's severed hand, and as Peter throws his axe into Cesaire's back. Valerie and Peter dispose of Cesaire's body by filling him with rocks and dumping him into the water.
Valerie chooses to remain living in her grandmother's house. She intends to wait for Peter, who, fully aware that he is cursed, retreats to the wilderness in order to learn how to control his power. Much later, as Valerie picks some plants, she hears a sound. Looking up, she sees the Wolf. She smiles as they reunite.
the poster looked kinda like horror movie

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Fun Things to Do When You are Bored to Death

have you ever type 'i'm so bored' on google? if you do, this are the list i  found and quite tempting into testing one. maybe two. can i do three? please...

Blow bubbles with bubble gum
Blow on a beer bottle or a blade of grass
Crank up some music and Hyper Dance
Cut out photos and paste them on Popsicle sticks and have a puppet show
Eat 6 spoon fulls of sugar, a soda, and another think that makes you hyper and then you won't be bored anymore, you will end up finding something to do... trust us.
Experiment with makeup
Get a bubble blower and try to make a million bubbles
Get a tootsie pop and see how many licks it takes to get to the center of the tootsie pop
Make a humorous crank phone call
Make an entertaining phone answering-machine message
Make up poems or songs about your boredom
Do a Sudoku Puzzle
Make a list of Fun Roadtrip Games for your next roadtrip
Play cards
Play Dead
Practice your arm pit farting skills (Advanced participants try with your hand cupped on the back of your knee)
Read some comic books
See how long you can hold your breath
Send a tune with keypad numbers on the phone
Sing even if you can't
Stand on your head or learn to walk on your hands
Find bad facelift pictures online
Find silly videos on Youtube
Twitter your boredom
Learn the Thriller Dance or make up your own routine
Write your own biography
Check your heartbeat then find out what is a healthy heartbeat number
Stretch for ten minutes
Think really hard about a friend or someone close to you and see if they pick up your vibe and give you a call
Ask your friends some Fun Questions
Do a little astrology. Look up your sun sign or your zodiac and get your horoscope
Go get a magazine like Sports Illustrated, Vogue or People
Play with your hair - Change your hair color, or give yourself a new hairstyle - Celebrity Hairstyle? Short Hairstyle? Curly Hairstyle? Your choice
Plan Your Halloween Costume
Change all the music on your Ipod
Find the coolest application there is for an Iphone
Fiddle around with a Ouija board
If your friend is bogged down with chores at home - go over and help them so you can go out and have fun
Catch a fly, then put in a jar and stick in the fridge (this cools their metabolism down), then tie the fly to the end of a thread 15in. and hold the other end of the thread while you watch it fly around (We have tested this and it works - a lot of patience is involved)

Take one hundred dollars out of the bank and spend it all on yourself
Turn on the T.V., put it on mute and make up dialogue
Washable crayons are a wonderful invention. Pick a wall and invite friends
Watch a foreign film
Watch the season premiere of your favorite show
Watch cartoons (preferably funny stupid ones)
Write a big list of fun things to do from this list and then go do one of them
Write a limerick or twelve
Dance around your living room naked
If your nakedness scares you, maybe you need to set up a diet plan and a workout routine - figure out your ideal weight is and then go for it
Play knicky knicky nine doors leaving freaky anonymous notes behind
Skip rope
Go to a beauty salon and see if they will give you any beauty tips
See if you can get a ride in a convertible
Take your TV outside
Try to stay up for 24 hours
Volunteer for a charity
Have your own Backyard Olympics
Walk around a public park, every so often pretend to trip on a 'invisible' wire.
Watch kids play - and then join in
Play a prank on someone...check out our April Fools Pranks Ideas
Find out who the top paid actors are
Pretend it is Mother's Day and do something nice for her

i'm  so bored!!!!