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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

meet chuck and lily the turtles"

so, few days back. i bought turtles. I've always wanted turtle when i was younger. i mean i had had cats, rabbits, hamsters, ducks, fish, pet frog, foxes, so lots of other little animals. but i never got turtle. my sister had one but my brother "accidentally"release it, so yeah, it's gone.
so when i brought it at my hostel, they were like "where the hell are we?" they didn't eat and ran frantically around their aquarium. but the next day, they seemed to calm down and started to eat. i'm so glad they started to feel comfortable.
but then, i had another problem. their aquarium smells. i mean i had to replace their water everyday. fortunately it  is a small aquarium and they are still small.
yesterday, my pet cat came to eat. Oyen had always been absent lately. so he was like "hey what was  that?!" and then he was like "i got to find out". it was funny seeing how he tried to get his paws on the turtles. here are few pics of their antics.

"what are they?" curious, curious 

chuck and lily. chuck is the quiet ones, lily is so active she run around the basket (as fas as a tortoise can run)

in their little home...