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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

a letter in my life: A

A in my life stands for:
addiction- my addiction to everything harry potter
adrenaline- just gotta try something that make my adrenaline rush
ask- when in doubt, just ask
audio- the best defensive mechanism
A- get an A, my mom will be happy
abuse- why it even exist?
air- the fresher the better
alive- i may be passive, but i am alive
asian: i am one

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

book review: the da vinci code

leonardo da vinci is, simply put, a troll.

finished this book yesterday evening and was totally satisfied with the ending.
it is a spiraling descend into the truth  laced with puzzles and riddles. it is the best thriller i have ever read. dan brown is a great author with great imagination and superb research that lead to the writing of this book.
the plot is fast paced that it make your adrenaline rush. the beginning is quite slow yet once the clues start coming, the mental gears start rolling and the plot start pacing. the mood of the novel is what you will expect from reading a thriller. surprise on every corner.
dan brown also managed to hid yet reveal the clues is a simple way. he can be unwilling to give away clues at one chapter and the next he threw clues here and there.
the moral of the story is maybe you wont find what you're looking for if you look too hard. sometimes the answer just come to  and when looking for something, you may find something that you are not looking for

Monday, June 18, 2012

book review: to kill a mockingbird

To Kill a Mockingbird
one of the america's classics. to kill a mockingbird by harper lee is an outstanding story in a point of a 8 year old view along with her brother's and also her father's and people around them.
considering that the book is classic, the wording are a bit classic yet told by an 8 year-old point of view, it wasn't that hard to understand.
this piece of work is controversional; with the theme of racism being the main center of it. the book also deal with the theme of violence and alienation. 
this book told how atticus (scout and jem's father), a lawyer, defended a black man in the court. it was a risky decision, to represent a black man in court during that time. and during the time the kids learn what is the meaning of humanity, folks and also rasism.
as children they view people as people. (dill cried when he saw injustice for the black man, tom robinson in court) the injustice was in plain view that everyone saw it, yet few people do something about it.
when tom robinson was charged guilty to the crime that he didn't commit, the kids were both saddened and angry. 

this is a great book, no doubt about it. i highly recommended this.

“Atticus said to Jem one day, "I’d rather you shot at tin cans in the backyard, but I know you’ll go after birds. Shoot all the blue jays you want, if you can hit ‘em, but remember it’s a sin to kill a mockingbird." That was the only time I ever heard Atticus say it was a sin to do something, and I asked Miss Maudie about it. "Your father’s right," she said. "Mockingbirds don’t do one thing except make music for us to enjoy. They don’t eat up people’s gardens, don’t nest in corn cribs, they don’t do one thing but sing their hearts out for us. That’s why it’s a sin to kill a mockingbird.” 
― Harper LeeTo Kill a Mockingbird

Sunday, June 17, 2012

movie review: the hunger games

thanks to my sister who bought me the dvd, i managed to watch the movie. i figure out that my sister is as much into movie as i  am. hafizah, you are one cool sister...

so... how do i describe the movie????
technically i was a bit disappointed. considering that i read the book before i watch the movie, i was expecting something more.
it's like there's less kicks in the movie. the characters were ok, not great.
the action's were less challenging.
it is safe to say that midway through the movies, my mind wanders off and i didn't bother to watch it again.
all and all it is still better, considering the budget and all. maybe bcoz this is the first film and the producer are making it audience friendly (ahem pg rating).
i hope the second and the third movie will be better....

movie review: the king's speech

british english is sexy english
bbc british english spoken in royal accent, HOT
nice story and for once Helena bonham carter is a normal woman, not some crazy lady remeber (preety little mudblood and off with the head!)
good movie for those who study language, seriously

movie review: sorority wars

another sorority story
another chick flick
you see the  beginning, you know the end.
what's in the middle is somewhere you have watched in every disneys chick flicks

watched it only for entertainment values

movie review: the emperor's club

once ateacher, always a teacher. they say when we be a teacheer, we will always be a teacher. or in malay term, cikgu.
kebun sapa tu? kebun cikgu...
anak sapa tu? anak cikgu...
kubur siapa tu, kubur cikgu...

movie kali ini mmg sepadan dengan jiwa dan bakal karier ku.  ia menyelami perasaan seorang guru, suka dukanya dalam mendidik sekumpulan pelajarnya dan bagaimana pengorbanan yang terpaksa dilakukan. siapa yang terpilih dan siapa yang tidak.
it's also deals with the hars reality that how matter how good you tried and how much you believe there is just maybe someone who will never be like you hoped to be despite the sacrificial  that you had made.
this is my friends, is the best teacher based movie i've ever see yet.

all i have to say is that it's is better for you to watch it to understand it.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

book review: hunger games 1 ,2, & 3

seperti yang dirancang aku dah abihkan ketiga-tiga buku hunger games baru2 ni dan inilah review nya... hehhehehe:

hunger games
great book. great introduction. great story line.
mungkin ini bukanlah buku kegemaran saya dalam ketiga tiga buku ini. namun cara penceritaannya yang menggunakan 1st person view membantu saya memahami karekter katniss everdeen dengan baik. penceritaan semasa pertandingan hunger games amat menarik dan membantu untuk memahami permainan itu. collins juga menggunakan peluang ini un tuk memperkenalkan kita denagn karekter2 utamanya

hunger games 2: catching fire
buku kegemaran saya dalam siri ini. mixed with adventure, love triangle and sacrificial, saya habiskan buku ini dalam masa empat jam, a record for a hundred something pages book.
dalam siri yg ini, collins membantu  memngenali dan memahami karekter2nya dengan lebih mendalam dan membantu memahami kekeliruan dalam diri katniss. 

hunger games 3: mockingjay
revolution, rebels, adventure, love triangle, distrust and death. this is the most harrowing and heart clenching book in the series. 

jujurnya, bukan aku xleh nak review tp buku sebegini bagus, aku x nak jd spoiler alert. bagi sasape yang biase bace buku2 yang adventure tu, ni lah buku yang baik untuk anda. walaupun kareter utamanya adalah gadis, at least die x jadi lembik bila dalam cabaran dan tekanan, x seperti karekter buku yang lain tu (ahem  twilight ahem).
buku ni sesuai untuk lelaki dan perempuan so jgn risau. it's not a sissy book. there is bloody murder and gore in this book yet in my opinion suiatble for younger kids because there is no sex whatsoever. here, suzzane collins means bussiness, life altering bussiness...

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

books review:we need to talk about kevin and an abundance of katherines

sebab xde internet, walaupun dan abihkan 2 buku but still i cant review it.
but not today coz i will review every books i have read in the past few days

book 1: we need to talk about kevin

disebabkan sesuatu insiden saya agak tawar hati nak bace buku ni. it remind me a lot of how ignorance and foolish i could be sometines. but then, a book is a book and once i get started, it's hard for me to stop. we need to talk about kevin by lionel shriver. jujurnya susah bagi aku nak review buku ni. sbb bile aku bace sesuatu buku aku akan picture myself as the characters. dalam buku ni aku x dapat bayangkan diri aku segbagai ibu kevin, evan jauh sekali kevin sendiri. cerita ini ditulis dengan jalan cerita yang agak suspen giler.
and my hearts goes to eva. a poor  mother who her own son was hell bent on making her life miserable. not i-spill-rasbery-juice-on-your-expensive-white-carpet-miserable, but i-will-ruin-everything-dear-to-you-miserable.
cerita ini bermula dari saat percintaan eva dan suaminya franklin, kepada keputusan drastik mereka untuk memiliki anak. and here comes kevin. and kevin is far from ordinary. he refused his mother's milk, not crying at all and later crying too much. later in his adolescence life, it's stupid was his favourite phrase. eva dalam keadaan ini mula mengesan sesuatu yang tidak kena dengan anaknya, blaming him for every funny incidents that even happened to the kids at the kindergarten, because even though there is no evidence and franklin didn't believe her, eva tau kevin adalah dalang di sebaliknya.
keadaan syak wasangka dan saling salah menyalah ini mula memberi kesan kepada hubungan pasangan suami isteri ini sehingga franklin mencadangkan perpisahan- perbincangan yang tidak sepatutnya didengar oleh kevin. but he did, and then, all hell break loose.
kevin katchadourian telah membunuh 7 orang rakan sekolahnya, sorang guru dan juga pekerja kafeteria, namun sebelum itu, pagi itu sebelum ke sekolah, kevin telah membunuh adiknya celia dan ayahnya, franklin.
tidak seperti kebanyakan pembunuhan sekolah yang melibatkan tembakan rambang dan percanggahan emosi yang kritikal, kevin telah mengatur stateginya dengan baik. memalsukan surat dan memerangkap rakan sekolahnya dalam gym yang dikunci dengan kunci kebal dan senjata pembunuhan: panah.perancangan yang mengambil masa bertahun-tahun termasuklah untuk memahirkan diri menggunakan panah.
mulanya saya tertanya apakah yang kevin terlalu marahkan kepada insan-insan ini terutamanya celia adiknya sendiri yang berusia 7 tahun. the answer is, he wanted to show it to his mother or dalam ayatnya, to give a good show you wont shoot the audience, right? maknanya, orang yang paling ingin disakiti oleh kevin adalah eva.
sepanjang pembacaan tu aku terus berharap yg eva akan give up, tinggalkan kevin, but she wont,even after thursday happenned. she was upset and mad and every bad feeling you should have but she still have a room ready for his son in her cheap apartment in another word- forgive him.
i can't say i enjoy the book but i can't  never put it down. shriver write in a way that make me wanted to know, and this time, even skipping a few pages wont satisfy my need to know and i had to read it all over again.
memang susah nak review buku ni. aku sugeest buku ni bagi yang boleh berfikir dengan terbuka.

book 2: an abundance of katherines

salah satu buku daripada penulis kegemaran saya john green. tapi bagi saya, walaupun jalan ceritanya menarik namun saya tidak merasakan apa yang saya rasai semasa membaca bukunya sebelum ini, looking for alaska. in my perpective, colin singelton need to stop wallowing in his self pity and blaming things around him for his failed relationships but maybe try  to break the mold and stop trying to be what you can't be. but the characters hassan dan lindsey saved this novel for good. and i must say i enjoy reading hassan part the most. but i really suggest this book to any math  students out there 'cause i can't make out a thing about the theorem :p