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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

book review: the da vinci code

leonardo da vinci is, simply put, a troll.

finished this book yesterday evening and was totally satisfied with the ending.
it is a spiraling descend into the truth  laced with puzzles and riddles. it is the best thriller i have ever read. dan brown is a great author with great imagination and superb research that lead to the writing of this book.
the plot is fast paced that it make your adrenaline rush. the beginning is quite slow yet once the clues start coming, the mental gears start rolling and the plot start pacing. the mood of the novel is what you will expect from reading a thriller. surprise on every corner.
dan brown also managed to hid yet reveal the clues is a simple way. he can be unwilling to give away clues at one chapter and the next he threw clues here and there.
the moral of the story is maybe you wont find what you're looking for if you look too hard. sometimes the answer just come to  and when looking for something, you may find something that you are not looking for