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Sunday, June 17, 2012

movie review: the emperor's club

once ateacher, always a teacher. they say when we be a teacheer, we will always be a teacher. or in malay term, cikgu.
kebun sapa tu? kebun cikgu...
anak sapa tu? anak cikgu...
kubur siapa tu, kubur cikgu...

movie kali ini mmg sepadan dengan jiwa dan bakal karier ku.  ia menyelami perasaan seorang guru, suka dukanya dalam mendidik sekumpulan pelajarnya dan bagaimana pengorbanan yang terpaksa dilakukan. siapa yang terpilih dan siapa yang tidak.
it's also deals with the hars reality that how matter how good you tried and how much you believe there is just maybe someone who will never be like you hoped to be despite the sacrificial  that you had made.
this is my friends, is the best teacher based movie i've ever see yet.

all i have to say is that it's is better for you to watch it to understand it.