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Sunday, June 17, 2012

movie review: the hunger games

thanks to my sister who bought me the dvd, i managed to watch the movie. i figure out that my sister is as much into movie as i  am. hafizah, you are one cool sister...

so... how do i describe the movie????
technically i was a bit disappointed. considering that i read the book before i watch the movie, i was expecting something more.
it's like there's less kicks in the movie. the characters were ok, not great.
the action's were less challenging.
it is safe to say that midway through the movies, my mind wanders off and i didn't bother to watch it again.
all and all it is still better, considering the budget and all. maybe bcoz this is the first film and the producer are making it audience friendly (ahem pg rating).
i hope the second and the third movie will be better....