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Thursday, December 29, 2011

i'm a bookworm

in my 21 years of living, i've done lots of thing. but the thing that i love the most is to read.
even since i can read, i read everything, everywhere, anytime. sometimes a just rummage my parents old newspaper to read coz i need to read. it's like a addiction. if a saw a book, but didn't read it. i have this sort of regret feeling. like i was missing something. and naturally i will try to get my hand on it.

now i have found new source to read, ebook. face it, here in malaysia it's hard to find a good book unless you're willing to have it shipped here. the libraries are limited. limited source, limited time, limited everything.

in between reading i've commit to few things as hobbies but nothing was as appealing as reading. even i become a bit selective when watched movies (2nd hobby). nowadays i prefer book based movies coz it was much more appealing. other than that, i hunted indie movies coz it was out of the box.

so yeah, i am a book worm

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

persoalanku terjawab

soalan: adakah serigala haram seperti anjing?

Serigala dalam bahasa Arab disebut al-Zi’bu (الذئب). Ia adalah binatang yang wujud pada zaman Nabi –sallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam- dan baginda pernah menyebut tentangnya di dalam beberapa hadis yang diriwayatkan darinya, namun tidak ada hadis yang menyamakannya dengan anjing dari segi cara menyucikan bekas yang dijilatnya atau najisnya. Oleh demikian, najis serigala tidaklah sama seperti najis anjing. Ia termasuk dalam kategori najis-najis haiwan buas yang lain di mana memadai dengan membasuhnya hingga hilang kesan-kesannya, tidak wajib dibasuh hingga tujuh kali (dengan basuhan pertama dengan air bercampur tanah) kerana ia tidak dianggap anjing.

Kenyataan di atas disokong oleh pandangan Imam al-Jahiz dalam kitabnya al-Hayawan iaitu kitab yang ditulis oleh ulamak silam membicarakan tentang binatang-binatang, tabiatnya dan aspek-aspek lain berkaitan binatang. Menurut beliau; Serigala bukanlah anjing walaupun ada satu dua sifatnya sama. Malah beliau menyebutkan; orang yang menganggap singa, serigala, dubuk dan musang adalah anjing sama seperti orang yang menganggap kerbau adalah kambing biri-biri atau lembu adalah kambing biri-biri. (Kitab al-Hayawan, 2/348).

Wallahu a’lam.


1.Kitab Al-Hayawan, Imam al-Jahiz (Amru bin Bahr al-Kannani, wafat tahun 255 Hijrah), 2/348.
2.Fatawa as-Syabakah al-Islamiyah, no. 7479

sumber dari:

wallahu a'lam, kebanyakan rujukan pun menyatakan penyataan yang lebih kurang sama tp ini adalah yang terbaik. alhamdulillah, sekurang-kurangnya aku x mengagumi haiwan yang najis. yay, go wolf! ^___^

me: so, mom, i've been researching and all, so can i keep a pet wolf. i promise i'll take really good care of it.
mom: ..........  get off the computer! 
me: dad.....
dad: huh, that's cool darling. a wolf in the house. have it your way
me: yay, you're cool dad.
mom: over my dead body
me: why you so against it?
dad:'s cool.
me: see, dad's cool about it.
mom: your dad will let you have any animal but i'm the one taking care of it. both of you need to stop watching animal planet.
me: but you're watching it too.
mom: not crazy enough to keep a wolf in the house.
me: sigh... okay mom.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

book review: willow- julia hoban

it was not up to my expectation. but i enjoy reading it nonetheless. willow was the picture of any teenage angst, thrown with real problems and in real life. however, i believe in cause and effect but i saw less effect in this story only cause. i'll recommend it to female readers though.
a good read for a chick flick

Saturday, December 24, 2011

your side of story..... (cant find much more suitable title)

pretentious people,
false feelings,
fake stories,
lost hope,
exaggerated happiness,
i've seen it all,
and i'll see lots more,
i just don't understand,
never understand,
how could you,
this isn't a game anymore,
i've been in too deep,
i can't play the safe card anymore,
i am no longer the wallflower,
watching on the sidelines,
i've got involved,
and it's sickening,
 now i am in the inner circle,
watching this stupid things revolves,
maybe i've done things that help it revolves
to something much more nasty,
lots of skeleton in the closet will be exposed,
for what price?
your damned pride and side of story,

Sunday, December 11, 2011

book review: looking for alaska - john green

Miles Halter is fascinated by famous last words–and tired of his safe life at home. He leaves for boarding school to seek what the dying poet Francois Rabelais called the “Great Perhaps.” Much awaits Miles at Culver Creek, including Alaska Young. Clever, funny, screwed-up, and dead sexy, Alaska will pull Miles into her labyrinth and catapult him into the Great Perhaps. "

that are just a little insight of the book.  i just had to say, there are more just than one boy meeting one girl which he can't never have.

john green had written this story with light language yet full of emotions. we can almost sense the honesty in his words and really understand what miles must be feeling.

the story divided by before and after of miles adventure in boarding school. 
the before was fun, full of prank and mischief while addressing the teenagers problem like smoking, drug and alcohol  abuse, friendship and love.
the pranks are hilarious, the kinds that make me said "why did i never thought of that in my boarding school days". 
while the teenagers problems are well portrayed that it wasn't exaggerated. it was all in natural balance. in a sense, john green really understand how these problems occurs in teenagers.

the after was depressing and gloomy. i can almost felt all of the character loss. even if it was depressing, i figured out that i refuse to stop reading, not even to wipe my tears. 

the two main characters, miles and colonel are trying to figure out what really happened to alaska. because they were the last ones with alaska when she freaked out. they were the ones who created diversion so that alaska can drive out of the school. they are the ones who let her drive, albeit her drunken state. it went against the rule of friends never let friends drive drunk. most would say their attempt to figure out alaska's death was accident or suicide would say that they only wanted some closure for themselves but i'd say that they not only wanted some closure for themselves but for alaska as well. throughout the story, alaska was mysterious and even her death was  a mystery. a puzzle they have to solve.

however, i was most driven by takumi's confession letter in the last day. in which he was neglected by the two characters in order to figure out character death. in the letter, he confessed that he knew all along why alaska freak out, why she brought the white tulips in her car. why she went straight to alabama. and he (takumi ) too had let her go so he was as much as guilty as the two friends. however, takumi never really reveal that information to miles and colonel, because he was hurt for being left alone in the dark. i think i could relate to his ( takumi) feeling. if i were left alone in the dark by my best friends, i would kept that information secrets too. takumi, however gave a hint of that incident by relating it to the story of alaska best day and worst day game they played in the barn so that miles and colonel would figure that out and find some closure. my heart are for takumi, because he was not that cruel to let his friends in doubt and also his confession are driven by his equally guilty state. i remember in one part, before  he told them about the relating best day worst day game incident, takumi said "we (colonel, miles, takumi) all let her go"

even if was  john green's first book, i like the fresh story line and the quirky quotes especially from all the characters. he depicted the real life teenage problem in a simple yet real way, and also he play the concept of truth and loyalty among friends well that make me adore the colonel character.

i would love to suggest this novel to anyone who are in the hunt of real, fun, emotional-driven novel.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

book review: let the right one in

first romantic horror novel i've ever read. fikiran kne terbuka sikit kalo bace citer ni.
p/s: let me in (movie) adalah adaptasi dari  novel ni.

skang ni da banyak novel2 sal jatuh cintan ngan vampire. yg ni pun adalah salah satu darinya. tp aku suka cerita ni coz ia x stereotype. in which vampirenya bukanlah benda paling cantik dalam dimensi tu and yg jatuh cinta pun bukanlah yang paling cool.

watak utama cerita ini sama macam dalam movie iaitu budak 12 tahun bernama oskar dan eli. novel ini juga ade membangkitkan persoalan-persoalan yang lain seperti masalah buli, ketagihan arak, amalan seks songsang,pedophilia, keruntuhan moral, perpecahan rumah tangga dan juga tekanan. bagi aku novel ni jadi menarik dengan adanya masalah2 manusia betul dalam jalan ceritanya.

diceritakan dalam third point of view, reader boleh mengetahui segala yang difikirkan setiap watak dan tidak berfokus kepada satu watak sahaja. walaupun ini membuatkan cerita mudah difahami ttp aku perasan ia mengurangkan kesan suspens pada cerita.

garapan cerita juga menarik kerana fikiran dan pendapat setiap watak dalam cerita ini adalah bertepatan dan sesuai dengan timelinenya.

anyhow, this is better that twilight in terms of vampiric novels. the fear in oscar after seeing the vampiric side of eli for the first time, eli's fear of ever hurting oscar and also the adults in the whole situation are so much better potrayed in this book. a'd say that twilight series was rather pale in comparison to this novel.

however,  this is just my point of view. here's a little wikipedia quotes about the novel:

"Let the Right One In (Swedish: Låt den rätte komma in), or Let Me In, is a 2004 vampire fiction novel by Swedish writer John Ajvide Lindqvist. The story centers on the relationship between a 12-year-old boy, Oskar, and a centuries-old vampire child, Eli. It takes place in Blackeberg, a working class suburb of Stockholm, in the early 1980s. The book focuses on the darker side of humanity, dealing with issues such as existential anxiety, school bullying, paedophilia and murder.

The book was a bestseller[1] in the author's home country of Sweden and was translated into several languages, including English. A Swedish-language film, Let the Right One In, directed by Tomas Alfredson, was released in 2008 to widespread critical acclaim.[2] An English-language film adaptation (based on the original Swedish screenplay and novel), directed by Matt Reeves, was released on October 1, 2010, titled Let Me In, which was also well-received by critics." 

BTW, novel ini adalah novel translation dari bahasa sweden dan ceritanya berlaku sekitar tahun 1981.

Monday, December 5, 2011

book review: twilight -finished

so i finished twilight. and it took technically weeks which rarely happen to me. i can finished a 200 pages book in one day. i even finoshed two books in between twilight. i guess twilight really wasn't my type.

it's a good story, if you are into star crossed lover. but i am not. i really loved to find some moral or value in a book i read. or something quirky and fun. twilight was lacked in both department.

i read a lot of dramione angst and tragedy fanfictions but not a single scene in twilight made my heart squirmed like dramione fanfictions did. in other words, the tragedy in twilight weren't that much.

the character wasn't much developed. why must all the vampires good looking nad the mere human are not much. i think stephanie meyer loves her vampires a bit too much that she being unfair to other characters. so did bella, she was supposed to be a very independent girl, not a whiny baby.

my verdict: read it at your own risk. or better finished all other books you have then read twilight.

movie review: let me in

ever watch twilight, or read it? i really suggest this film to all the twilight lovers #cough*getalife*cough#.

i personally love this. it was deeper and much more twisted that twilight with real people and real problems.

"cerita ni berkisar kepada owen, seorang budak 12 tahun yang tinggal di satu kawasan kompleks perumahan. ibu bapa owen ni dah nak bercerai so dier ni tinggal la dengan mak dier. oven ni mmg malang giler coz slalu kene buli kat sekolah. kemuadian dia berjumpa dengan abby yang maru berpindah ke kawasan itu dan dari situ mereka mula berkawan. later in the story, owen ajak abby untuk go steady tapi abby kate dier bukan regular girl. namun begitu mereka terus juga jadi steady. tak lama lepas tu, rahsia abby terdedah. dia mengaku pada owen bahawa die adalah vampire. selepas membunuh seoranganggota polis yang menyiasat kejadian kematian 'ayahnya' abby beritahu owen yang die mesti tinggalkan tempat itu. di sekolah, owen cuba dilemaskan oleh salah seorang pelajar yang slalu membulinya namun abby datang dan telah membunuh kesemua empat pelajar itu (dengan ngerinya). babak terakhir menunjukkan owen menaiki kereta api dan membawa sebuah peti. dalam peti itu adalah abby yang bersembunyi. tidak dinyatakan ke mana mereka akan pergi but that's just it."

bagi aku cerita ini lebih kompleks kerana budak2 12 tahun ni tak bercakap pasal ketakutan sama ada dibunuh atau membunuh dan juga bagaiman mereka saling menerima satu sama lain. banyak konflik yan g berlaku antara abby dan owen tetapi mereka tetap berbaik. x pernah sekali pun abby cakap yang dia akan cederakan owen atau owen takut akan abby. bertambah twisted lagi bapa abby adalah kekasihnya yang sama seperti owen, telah menyintai abby sejak dari zaman remajanya.  watak in i menjadi orang yang bartanggungjawab menjaga abby (read: to kill people and get their blood for abby). lelaki ini mati dengan membenarkan abby meminum darahnya sebagai tanda cintanya dan juga kerana dia tidak lagi mampu menjaga abby.

yang manjadikan cerita ini lagi menarik adalah tak banyak dialog meaningless antara abby dan owen. malah tak banyak dialog pun, hnya bahasa tubuh serta jalan cerita ynag jelas menjadi intipati cerita ini.

dicadangkan sebagai salah satu filem terbaik kerana jlan cerrita dan mesejnya dan salah seorang juri berpendapat cerita ini "was beautifully played it was a shame cause not many people appreciate it"

Friday, December 2, 2011

book review: go ask alice

go ask Alice dikatakan adalah sebuah diari sebenar milik seorang remaja 15 tahun yang mengalami masalah ketagihan dadah. buku ini diterbitkan pada tahun 1970 di bawah nama penulis anonymous.
one of the best coming of age book i've ever read. tapi malangnya terdapat banyak kesilapan fakta dalam diari, mungkin kesan kerada edit atau tambahan yang dilakukan oleh pihak penerbitan.

novel ini adalah dalam bentuk diary entries yang ditulis oleh remaja ini mengenai perjalanan hidupnya. pada permulaan diari ini ia sama seperti kebanyakan diari remaja perempuan yang lain; mengenai kecantikan, sosial , cinta dan persahabatan tapi kita dapat lihat entry penulis ini menjadi semakin matang. dia menceritakan banyak perkara yang dilalui sebagai remaja dan juga seorang penagih dadah dan begaiman dia berusaha melawan ketagihannya serta bagaimana penerimaan keluarga terhadap dirinya.
walaubagaimanapun, bagi saya penamat novel ini agak tak kena kerana dalam entry-entry terakhirnya, penulis menyatakan bahawa keadaan telah bertambah menjadi baik namun penulis ditemui mati oleh keluarganya tiga minggu selepas ia menyatakan niat untuk tidak lagi menyimpan sebarang diari. sebab kematian tidak diketahui.

go ask alice adalah sebuah novel kontroversi yang agak mencabar. terdapat beberapa trivia yang saya jumpa mase google search novel ni.
1. mana penulis diary adalaha carla
2. alice adalah suatu derivation, bukannya nama penulis diari. penulis hanya bertemu alice di jalanan semasa ia menagih dadah.
3.walaupun pada permulaan penerbitan novel ini didakwa memang diari sebenar milik seorang remaja 15 tahun yang menagih dadah namun pihak kerajaan america menenaraikan beatrice sparks sebagai penulisnya.  beliau merupakan seorang pakar psikologi dan mendakwa diari ini adalah milik salah seorang pesakitnya. beliau juga menulis semula beberapa novel lain hasil dari diari pesakitnya seperti jay's journal.
4. 1973, sebuah film menganai buku ini diterbitkan.

bagi saya novel ini dimanakan go ask alice kerana banyak entry dalan diari ini menceritakaan perasaan penulis semasa menggunakan dadah. malah dia ada mengatakan : i felt like alice in wonderland. maybe lewis g. caroll was on drug too. bagi saya alice merujuk kepada alice dalam cerita alice in wonderland yang mengalami keadaan menakjubkan yg pada hakikatnya adalah mimpinya sahaja.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

movies reviews

sepanjang cuti ni banyak da movie yg aku tngok, so maybe post kali ni x focus pada 1 movie ajer cam aku slalu wat. ok, here i go,

1. the son of rambow
British film. a story with 90s setting. honestly, to me the idea is fresh and the theme is somewhat deep, even if it a story for preteens. fun, quirky and a little bit of sadness. composing a little bit of family, friends and trust theme. i just gonna say i like it, it'is good for  the whole family.

2. diary of a wimpy kid & diary of a wimpy kid 2: rodrick rules.
light and hilarious. a little peek on the life of a wimpy kid. no, in here you'll never found a superhero who win at the end of the day, just a boy being a boy. middle school can be though, especially if you are a wimpy kid.
diary of a wimpy kid focuses on greg heffley and all his attempt in order to become popular. unfortunately, all his selfish plans backfired resulting in a very hilarious outcome. at the end, he made it in the school yearbook centerfold as 'most cutest friends' with his best friend rowley
meanwhile, dairy of a wimpy kid 2: rodrick rules focus on the haywire relationship between greg and his brother, rodrick. it is a typical sibling rivalry with usually resulting in greg becoming the victim. however, in order to keep a secret, they started to hang out together and began to get to know each other. in someways i think it is true that we need to get to know everyone better bcoz even if we live in the same house for all of our life, it need a little heart to heart talk to know each other.

3. seeker
based on the book series by susan cooper. in my opinion, the film does little fair to the book because i believe whatever it is, the story (in the book) was surely entertaining. it also had a little bit of harry potter in it, but only, susan cooper had publisshed her book years before j.k. rowling got the idea for harry potter. a good story if you never read the book. sadly, i was expecting something more out of the film. well, i gotta get the book series someday.

4. paranormal activity 1, 2, and 3.
mind blowing. paranormal activity 1 is the best.
these stories centered on two sisters katie and kristi and the mysterious entity that had haunted them since they were little.
paranormal activity 1 is in a way entertaining and different from any other american ghost stories. however, i watched the original version, so it kinda didn't make sense when i watched the PA2 and PA3.
in each movies, the reason for the appearance of the entity was slightly varied but it can be on the same conclusion, sins of the mothers fall on the daughters, something like that.

5. a walk to remember
a tearjerker, especially if you read the book. which i had. though the movies make it seem light and the character Jamie was more fun and outgoing and landon had different problem but it was still pretty much the same. i cried when i read the novel but not when i watched the movie. okay, maybe a little, just because i understand what the characters are feeling.

6. angus, thongs and perfect snogging.
another british film. this time focuses on a girl as she fought for love. or in reality fighting her way in getting the boy she crushed on to notice her. it was fun and a bit of romantic comedy in it. and it is also based on a book. nothing much i can say about it bcoz for me it was kind of cliche. if you got what i mean.

7. the haunting of sorority row.
american horror film minus the gore. i believe we can creep people out without needing to waste pails of fake blood and unnecessary make up. in this film, we follow samantha willow as she encounters lots of mysterious incidents which lead to the disappearance of a fellow pledge from last year, jena thorne. one after one the pledge sisters die leaving to one question, what really happened to jena thorne?    entertaining and spooky, i went against all of the cliche american sorority horror film, i mean there are not even a peek of nakedness like they usually dished out in a horror story involving young girls. my applaud the the director for the fresh take of american horror film.

so this is the movies that i watched and oh please, the reviews are all mine, no copyright from anywhere. i write basically on what i feel on each films.