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Monday, December 5, 2011

book review: twilight -finished

so i finished twilight. and it took technically weeks which rarely happen to me. i can finished a 200 pages book in one day. i even finoshed two books in between twilight. i guess twilight really wasn't my type.

it's a good story, if you are into star crossed lover. but i am not. i really loved to find some moral or value in a book i read. or something quirky and fun. twilight was lacked in both department.

i read a lot of dramione angst and tragedy fanfictions but not a single scene in twilight made my heart squirmed like dramione fanfictions did. in other words, the tragedy in twilight weren't that much.

the character wasn't much developed. why must all the vampires good looking nad the mere human are not much. i think stephanie meyer loves her vampires a bit too much that she being unfair to other characters. so did bella, she was supposed to be a very independent girl, not a whiny baby.

my verdict: read it at your own risk. or better finished all other books you have then read twilight.