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Thursday, December 29, 2011

i'm a bookworm

in my 21 years of living, i've done lots of thing. but the thing that i love the most is to read.
even since i can read, i read everything, everywhere, anytime. sometimes a just rummage my parents old newspaper to read coz i need to read. it's like a addiction. if a saw a book, but didn't read it. i have this sort of regret feeling. like i was missing something. and naturally i will try to get my hand on it.

now i have found new source to read, ebook. face it, here in malaysia it's hard to find a good book unless you're willing to have it shipped here. the libraries are limited. limited source, limited time, limited everything.

in between reading i've commit to few things as hobbies but nothing was as appealing as reading. even i become a bit selective when watched movies (2nd hobby). nowadays i prefer book based movies coz it was much more appealing. other than that, i hunted indie movies coz it was out of the box.

so yeah, i am a book worm