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Monday, April 30, 2012

movie review: cyberbully

watched this movie online when i got the news that the uak is postponed (thank god).
i think this movie is great in a way of plot line. i mean who would have thought that her own best friend would go against them online. the storyline was ok but there are lots of emotional stress put on. it is not in a way a lovey dovey story, it was a story to raise awareness of the danger of cyberbullying and how it could effect the victim's life.

what i like about this movie  it that how it represent the real life problem in the most realistic way possible. no psycho killer, no overused drama and totally no hopeless romantic chick. it really teach people how to defend for themselves against cyberbullying.

cyberbully is different from normal bullying yet it was all the same. you are a bully if you called someone names on the hallway, you are a bully too if you called someones names in the internet. ironically more people especially teenagers called people names in the internet. they are not aware of the fact that they are too a  bully, that they are bullying someone.
emily osment play a great role in this movie and so this the other actor. i gonna put her in my movies to hunt list.

i definitely recommend this movie if you wanted a teenage movie from different angle.   

cyberbully in malaysia ia not on the alarming stage but it does happened. other that cyberbully, there are also cyber slandering. nowadays we should be careful on what we say, the picture we post and all. i think i would like to post something on cyberbully on my blog so that it would not clash with this movie review.

Monday, April 23, 2012

movie review: adoration

da lamer x review movie. maybe sebab tekanan praktikum dan assignment memaksa movie2 itu terus berada dalam harddrive.
so when i was looking over the harddrive, i found this movie adoration starring the diary of a wimpy kid's very own devon bostik. no, it's not about him that i wanted to do the review, it was about the story itself.

Extra Large Movie Poster Image for Adoration
what so special about it. apa yang membuatkan aku terus menyimpannya dalam hardrive?
adoration memetik tema yang sensitif dan agak sukar iaitu keagamaan dan juga terrorism.
no. no plane was blown in this film.
satu perkara tentang film ni adalah tiada yang benar. pengarahnya menggarapnya dengan baik sekali sehingga tiada agama dipersoalkan. semuanya seimbang dan sekata.
ia juga memetik persoalan hubungan kekeluargaan dan penerimaan seorang manusia terhadap manusia lain.

permulaan cerita saya menjangkakan ini adalah salah satu filem islamofobia yang cuba digembar-gemburkan amerika namun tak. ia hanya membuat kita memandang topik ini dari sudut itu.

islamofobia holocaust dan racism.
filem ini cuba membuatkan penonton terfikir apakah yang diingini oleh seorang penganas (tak mengira agama, dalam cerita ini digambarkan pengganas adalah seorang yahudi) sehingga sanggup melakukan perkara itu. alasan dan tujuannya.

honetsly susah nak review cerita ni. maybe kne tngok lagi sekali baru faham apa yang ingin disampaikan.

Adoration Poster
btw, ni review yang aku dapat dari IMDb:
Atom Egoyan's Adoration weaves a complex tale of a young man searching for the truth about his family by perpetuating a lie in order to witness its consequences. Simon (Devon Bostick), a young high school student, tells his class that his Lebanese father Sami (Noam Jenkins) was a terrorist who attempted to blow up a plane with a bomb carried by his pregnant wife, Rachel (Rachel Blanchard), a talented violinist. In his presentation to the class, Simon says that he is the unborn child, his mother was the innocent being led to her demise, and his father was the killer out to murder 400 innocent people to promote a cause. The only problem with the story is that it is not true. The incident never happened. The film exposes the ease with which people are willing to accept what they are told without question and how modern technology has become a useful tool for those eager to disseminate falsehood.

According to the director, the film is "about people dealing with absences. He (Simon) imagines having a father who is a demon; he wants to go as far as possible into what that might mean." Adoration begins with an indelible image – a young woman standing at the end of a pier overlooking a river playing the violin while her husband and young son watch in awe. Moving forward and backward in time with great ease, the film slowly constructs the events which have led to Simon's school confessional. The key player is Simon's French teacher Sabine (ArsinĂ©e Khanjian) whose own family was killed in Lebanon by a terrorist attack. Sabine reads an article to the class about an incident that occurred in 1986 in which a Jordanian man, Nezar Hindawi, sent his pregnant Irish girlfriend on an El Al flight with a bomb in her handbag, of which she had no knowledge until it was discovered by Israeli airport security.

Heavily influenced by his bigoted grandfather Morris (Kenneth Walsh) to believe that his father intentionally caused his mother's death in a car crash, the vulnerable Simon constructs a parallel between the article read by his French teacher and the death of his parents. On his own, Simon posts his fake story on the Internet and has to deal with emotional responses from holocaust victims, holocaust deniers, students, and professors talking about terrorism, martyrdom, and heroism. It is a discussion that often sinks to the level of victimization as portrayed by veteran actor Maury Chaykin who blames the bogus airplane incident for "ruining" his life. Simon's uncle, Tom (Scott Speedman), who raised the boy after his parents' death, acts as a mediator between his nephew and the teacher who encourages Simon to tell his fake story in the school auditorium.

Tom is a tow truck operator with a short fuse who harbors a deep resentment against his father for the way he was treated as a child and his encounters with Sabine contain some of the film's most intense moments. Aided by a tenderly evocative violin-prominent soundtrack by Mychael Danna, Adoration is an intelligent and imaginative study of family conflict and reconciliation that serves as a compelling probe into human behavior and the ability to distinguish between fact and fiction. Though it contains a great deal of ambiguity and character motivations tend to be somewhat mystifying, Adoration is a very involving film with performances that are uniformly excellent, particularly Arsinee Khanjian as the emotionally-damaged teacher and Speedman and Bostock who provide enough tension to keep us riveted throughout.