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Friday, May 21, 2010


assalamualaikum and hello everybody. so, this is my first post ever and i just like to say hello and welcome to my life.

actually i'm looking for a place to technically save all my poems and writing (coz i always lost them). i love writing poems and i always write anytime and anywhere, based on how i feel. that's why the blog's name is wahee's life. writing poems is like writing diary to me, so accept it, it's my life.
this is my first poem here, i hope that i can gather all my old poems and dump them all here but i have no time yet (screw the exam!!).

i'm always on the run,
away from my fear
away from my tears
away from my pains
no matter how much i ran
no matter how long i ran
all my pains, tears and fears
still tailing me
pushing me to the edge

so i'm circling my mind
create a world i want to be
my life seems to split
i gave up reality
and living my fantasy

but reality won't let me go
and fantasy is too good to be true
all i have is myself to blame
why it has to be so hard?

i try to face it
all my pains, tears and fears
all of these feeling
dancing in my heart
to the tempo that i cant follow
and i fell
deep into the darkness
without no one to hold on to
may 22 2010
1.50 am
it may a bit dark, but thats what i feel...