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Friday, April 22, 2011

dirty little secrets

sometimes i fake empathy to  make others like me

 i think my mum prefer my other sisters more than me because they gave her chance to nag. i am simply too good to be worried of

i am afraid that i'll end up an old maiden with cats as my companion

i hate what i see in the mirror

i prefer to be in the dark

i may be blunt but i hated the truth too

i think i live under the shadow of my sister. people recognize her more than me even though i think im better person

i think i am bulimic coz sometimes i tried to force what i eat out of my body

once i was afraid of failing my parents but now i dream about failing them so they will notice me

i seldom reconnect with people from school coz they are always mean to me

i become quite heartless to people especially those who step upon me

once i thought about suicide coz i'm so lonely and i'm sure nobody gonna miss me when i'm gone (when i was 16)

i lost my best friends but i can never cry for them

i pretend not to care about gossip so i wont be reminded of my lonely life

i am happy now with my life but sometimes the past always come haunting me