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Saturday, April 30, 2011

99 things worth knowing about me (for my 99 th post)

  1.  i am a girl (technically and totally a girl)
  2.  i am the first of four sibling
  3.  i love vanilla
  4. i love cats
  5.  i hate anchovies
  6.  i only prefer my mak's nasi lemak
  7. i an afraid of scorpions (childhood trauma)
  8.  a speak two languages 
  9.  admire blair waldort character in gossip girl
  10. give me a 5 inches thick book (good, fascinating book) and i can finished it in a day
  11. i LOVE harry potter
  12. i think punkster are cool
  13. i like the colour black, white and red (emo colour)
  14. my childhood name was wawa (dont call me that)
  15. i like to collect quotes
  16. my favourite authors are rudyard kipling, j.k rowling and lewis caroll
  17. i love seafood
  18. my sister hate me
  19. i hate my sister
  20. i have and had lots of kinds of pets
  21. i want to open a petting zoo
  22. i secretly wanted to be a dj
  23. my dad let me do anything i want cause i'm sensible
  24. i love to watch tim burton's, and david yates film
  25. i named my pet cat 'KILLER"
  26.  i like man who let their woman to be independent
  27. i love writing 
  28. i am clumsy
  29. i have a quite serious chocolate binge during 'that time of the month'
  30. i sleep like 10 hours a day, lesser and i'll get cranky
  31. i hate mushroom soup
  32. i write on my wall, literally
  33.  i sined all the petition i found if it is about saving the endangered species
  34. my favourite wild animal is wolf
  35. i think werewolf are cooler than vampire
  36. i hate twilight
  37. i don't really like  milo
  38. i have bad handwriting
  39. i cant draw
  40. i am bad at determining distance
  41. i am direction blind, i get lost easily
  42. i love to be in the dark especially when my mood is not so okay
  43. i love the flower queen orchids
  44. i tease my brother a lot
  45. i always have veggie in my meal, it's a must
  46. i never had accident (motorcycle/car) 
  47. i love playing in the water
  48. i like to talk about me than other people (i dont do gossip)
  49. i am a firm believer in karma, what goes around come around
  50. i love the lavender scent
  51. i like to plan before i do something
  52. i dont really like sweet things
  53. i cant eat anything spicy
  54. i join fanfiction community
  55. i cant play games (computer games)
  56. i depend on my adrenaline during p.e class so i can run faster
  57. i hate jogging
  58. i hate wet toilets
  59. i am not a crybaby, if i cried, thats mean i was hurt so bad
  60. i love teddy bears
  61. never talk about politics in front of me coz i dont get them
  62. i secretly have a crush on someone
  63. i like to be on time
  64. i hate those that make me wait
  65. i hate silly conversation
  66. i prefer smaller groups of dependable friends that lots of two-faced, back-stabbing slut
  67. i used to think that i must be the first because my mom named me 'the first' but now i am not so competitive
  68. i sleep with my blanket no matter how hot it is
  69. i am my own person
  70. i love to listen to song with good lyrics
  71. i think r&b and rap songs are rubbish 
  72. i never been out  of malaysia
  73. i am uncomfortable to be in a place with too many people
  74. i have all of harry potter books and now i'm collecting the dvd
  75. i hate malay drama and lots of their film
  76. i am a realist
  77. one day i want to have a pet tiger 
  78. i prefer to watch national geographic in astro
  79. i still watch cartoon
  80. i hate to argue
  81. i will say whatever i like to whatever i see
  82. i can be in the internet for hours doing nothing
  83. i think i deserve everything i dad
  84. i lost my room to my sister
  85. i dont mind being alone
  86. i dont really like junk food
  87. i hate writer block
  88. i think safari is fascinating
  89. i hate crocodiles
  90. when i was younger i wanted to study animals
  91. i am a gemini
  92. my favourite game show is 'wipeout'
  93. i think britney spears will die young
  94. l cant drink milk, it make me sleepy
  95. if i drink nescafe, i cant sleep for more than 12 hours
  96. i really hate routines
  97. i hate folding my clothes
  98. i like number 6 and 8
  99. i think nobody will read this