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Saturday, October 5, 2013

anime review: another

the story began with he gossiping of two students about a student called misaki who was dead 26 years ago and how his classmates of class 3-3 won't accept it and pretending that the misaki is still alive and among them.
26 years later, a boy moved into the school and met misaki mei, an aloof girl who in his opinion was beautiful. but no other person notices her. it was as if he was the only one can see her, or is he? follow his as he unravel the mystery of the girl, the school and more importantly the cursed class of 3-3.
misaki mei and sakakibara at the hospital

class 3-3

misaki's abnormal eye


...or be killed
mass murder ala battle royale
it was so good that i feel bad if i give a spoiler away.
if you're a fan of mystery thriller, i guess this one is for you.
and i love it. i think it has great story-line but i do think the end was a bit rushed. the minor characters were also underdeveloped but i guess that adds to the mystery of it all.
i really recommend this to those who love horror/mystery/thriller  genre. and even if you are a fan of gore, there are lots of blood splashing and bone cracking scene in this.