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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

anime review: sakurasou no pet na kanojo

sakurasou no pet na kanojo is an anime about a bunch of looney people in a looney bin. at least that what Kanda Sorata would say.

actually this anime is all about self discovery and working hard to reach your goal.

the plot:
kanda sorata had always wanted to escape the looney bin known as Sakurasou, the home for problem children of Suimei High of Gift Affliated. he was kicked out the regular dorm because he kept a pet. but all his hope was crushed when he was assigned on 'Mashiro Duty', in which he need to feed her, clean her and dress her.  to make matter worse, mashiro is not a cat that he tends to pick up. mashiro is a real life, 16 years old girl that was super hot yet super clueless. all her life she only paint that she didn't know to do anything else.

other than mashiro, there are also few other residents in sakurasou who in kanda sorata's words are alien, ghost, and maharaja.

the story follows Sorata's attempts to become a game maker at the same time trying to live under the pressure of the talents around him. he  was disappointed a few times and blames his lacks of talent.

this story also revolves around the daily lives of the residents os sakurasou, their mischief and their effort together in making something they like.

the characters:
kanda sorata- the only sane person in Sakurasou (in his words). Sorata was the kind of boy who didn't know what to do with his life. when he figured out what he wanted to do, he always failed. he lives under the pressure of those talented people around him, especially mashiro, who in his eyes didn't have to work hard and always lucky in anything she does.

Kamiigusa misaki- the alien of sakurasou. she was gifted in animation and even had an anime that was a huge hit under her belt. she is always full of energy and crazy ideas. she is always in love with her childhood friend to the point of doing inappropriate and crazy things so that he would notice her.

Shiina Mashiro- the pet of sakurasou. she didn't know to do anything else other that painting hence how the 'mashiro duty' was created. someone always had to wake her up, take her to the bath, choose her clothes for the day, give her food and leave her when she started doing her wor. she is already a popular painter in england before moving to Japan to draw manga. shiina was a bit of a kuudere, and have the craziest one liner.

Mitaka Jin- the maharaja. he had a bunch of girlfriends and always spend the night with them. ironically he is the one that misaka love. it was later revealed that he too loves misaka but too afraid to lose her. he wanted to keep her at his side, pure forever. he  wrote  the script for misaka's anime but his scripts was not so good. something that always ticked him off. he wanted to be somebody that can stand next to misaka not just some average person, hence he decided to move to Osaka because the university there had better writing programs.

akasaka ryuunusuke- the ghost/shut-in. ryuusuke was rarely shown in fact we were only know him in the middle of the series. he laways comunicated via mail with the help of maid-chain, the autoresponder he developed himself. he is a computer programmer and was afraid of women. despite that, he was blunt and honest in his words that it sometimes hurt others. despite being a shut-in, he was shown as someone who was good at dealing with peoples, albeit rarely shown.

aoyama nanami- the other only sane person in sakurasou. she moved to sakurasou because of the cheaper fare. she wants to be a seiyuu and had worked hard since then. she was the other talent-less person in sakurasou that need to work hard to achieve her goal. nanami secretly has feeling for kanda however always backpedaled when she had a chance to confess. this is because she can see the other person who love Kanda  and needs him.

the music:
the openinga nd ending song was catchy yet fit the themes perfectly. however it wasn't part of my favourite, maybe because it was more of a pop-song. however there are a few background music that fit perfectly into the scenes.

the arts:
this anime is about a bunch of kids with special talents in arts, thus there are few art pieces in this that was simply amazing. on the overall view, the art was somewhat what we usually see in anime thus it has nothing special to write home about. don't get me wrong, it was all nice and beautiful yet it was what we always seen, it was kinda boring.