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Thursday, December 1, 2011

movies reviews

sepanjang cuti ni banyak da movie yg aku tngok, so maybe post kali ni x focus pada 1 movie ajer cam aku slalu wat. ok, here i go,

1. the son of rambow
British film. a story with 90s setting. honestly, to me the idea is fresh and the theme is somewhat deep, even if it a story for preteens. fun, quirky and a little bit of sadness. composing a little bit of family, friends and trust theme. i just gonna say i like it, it'is good for  the whole family.

2. diary of a wimpy kid & diary of a wimpy kid 2: rodrick rules.
light and hilarious. a little peek on the life of a wimpy kid. no, in here you'll never found a superhero who win at the end of the day, just a boy being a boy. middle school can be though, especially if you are a wimpy kid.
diary of a wimpy kid focuses on greg heffley and all his attempt in order to become popular. unfortunately, all his selfish plans backfired resulting in a very hilarious outcome. at the end, he made it in the school yearbook centerfold as 'most cutest friends' with his best friend rowley
meanwhile, dairy of a wimpy kid 2: rodrick rules focus on the haywire relationship between greg and his brother, rodrick. it is a typical sibling rivalry with usually resulting in greg becoming the victim. however, in order to keep a secret, they started to hang out together and began to get to know each other. in someways i think it is true that we need to get to know everyone better bcoz even if we live in the same house for all of our life, it need a little heart to heart talk to know each other.

3. seeker
based on the book series by susan cooper. in my opinion, the film does little fair to the book because i believe whatever it is, the story (in the book) was surely entertaining. it also had a little bit of harry potter in it, but only, susan cooper had publisshed her book years before j.k. rowling got the idea for harry potter. a good story if you never read the book. sadly, i was expecting something more out of the film. well, i gotta get the book series someday.

4. paranormal activity 1, 2, and 3.
mind blowing. paranormal activity 1 is the best.
these stories centered on two sisters katie and kristi and the mysterious entity that had haunted them since they were little.
paranormal activity 1 is in a way entertaining and different from any other american ghost stories. however, i watched the original version, so it kinda didn't make sense when i watched the PA2 and PA3.
in each movies, the reason for the appearance of the entity was slightly varied but it can be on the same conclusion, sins of the mothers fall on the daughters, something like that.

5. a walk to remember
a tearjerker, especially if you read the book. which i had. though the movies make it seem light and the character Jamie was more fun and outgoing and landon had different problem but it was still pretty much the same. i cried when i read the novel but not when i watched the movie. okay, maybe a little, just because i understand what the characters are feeling.

6. angus, thongs and perfect snogging.
another british film. this time focuses on a girl as she fought for love. or in reality fighting her way in getting the boy she crushed on to notice her. it was fun and a bit of romantic comedy in it. and it is also based on a book. nothing much i can say about it bcoz for me it was kind of cliche. if you got what i mean.

7. the haunting of sorority row.
american horror film minus the gore. i believe we can creep people out without needing to waste pails of fake blood and unnecessary make up. in this film, we follow samantha willow as she encounters lots of mysterious incidents which lead to the disappearance of a fellow pledge from last year, jena thorne. one after one the pledge sisters die leaving to one question, what really happened to jena thorne?    entertaining and spooky, i went against all of the cliche american sorority horror film, i mean there are not even a peek of nakedness like they usually dished out in a horror story involving young girls. my applaud the the director for the fresh take of american horror film.

so this is the movies that i watched and oh please, the reviews are all mine, no copyright from anywhere. i write basically on what i feel on each films.