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Monday, November 11, 2013

anime review: hataraku maou-sama! / the devil is a part-timer

watched this last night and i quite enjoyed it. the mix between, sarcasm, homour and seriousness was well done.

the plot:
when the devil overlord and his adviser escaped their world into modern japan, what would we expect? a full blown destruction? attempt on taking over the modern world or just two young adult tried to balance their monthly income?
maou sadao and his faithful advisor ashiya shiro escaped the attack on their castle by entering the gate that lead them to the modern day japan. because of lack of magic power, they have the blend in with the society. maou sadao got a job at the Mgronald and their lives as the law abiding citizen begin.
but it get complicated when their enemy who chased after them, Emilia also stuck on modern japan and they both met up by accidents. however, because both can't wield enough magic power, their encaunters just usually ended up with verbal-spats.
matters got worse when one of the devil general Lucifer tried to kill both Maou and Emi. but his attempt failed miserably because the devil overlord got his power back and whack the shit out of him.
lucifer, or later named Urashihara lived with Maou and Ashiya and took the character of a total bum or more likely known as hikikomori.
but then, another person moved next door, a very delicate and traditional Suzuno. but what secret she carries?
although seem like complicated, the anime of a total humour with a little romance on top. it was kinda fresh and the humour and sarcasm was well delivered.

maou sadao : the devel overlord who flee his country in a battle and escaped to modern day japan. he works at Mgronald  and loves his job.

ashiya shiro: the overlord advisor and at the same time on of his general. in the modern day tokyo he is the mom of the household. taking care of meals and money.

yusa emi: original name is Emilia yet change it to fit into the society. she is the hero that was supposed to kill the devil overlord. she works in a call center and live alone but most of the time we can see her at the overlord's home.

chiho chan: the only high-schooler in the series. being 16 years old, she works as a part-timer in mgronald. she loves Maou sadao and had confessed to him but he just sees her as the co-worker that he need to take care of.

lucifer/ Urushihara: one of the devil's overlord four generals. he was a fallen-angel-turned-devil and planned to kill both emilia and maou so that  he can return to heaven. when his plan failed and he lost most of his magic powers, he live with maou and shiro (after a terrible beating) because they need to hide him from the people who saw him causing the ruckus. he was what would you termed as a total bum that does online shopping and add strain on the household's budget. much to Ashiya's displeasure.

Suzuno: she moved next door to the maou's. she is very traditional in terms of dressing and speaking and a bit of a freak at first. she always help them with their household and cooking especially when Ashiya was sick. the truth is, Suzuno is Shinigami Christia Bell, that was ordered to kill the devil's Overlord while he was weak.

art: the art is so-so. it was good but it has nothing that stands out more than other anime. yet the animation of the facial expression of the characters was good.

music: the music was suitable with the anime but it was not some of my favourite.

in overall, i really enjoyed this anime. being adult that need to manage my own money i guess i can relate. i like the humour in it. other thing is this is the anime is not perverted and we can say that the fanservice in this anime is little. but comparing boobs with mgronald's burger was quite funny.