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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

poem: blue sky

blue sky

the vast green sea,
the clear blue sky,
 we were there together,
laughing, holding hands,
reaching for our dreams,

but why do i felt lonely,
even then, i pray,
with your  hand in my right hand,
i tried to reach you with my left hand,

"separation is expected. and if we can't meet again, we can talk on the phone"

your simple words,
your delicate smile,
my tears fell,
but i smiled,

under the same blue sky,
we look up and make a promise, (never forget me)
with your hand in my right hand,
and my left hand tried to keep you here forever,

and when i see you,
through the window pane,
the smoke chokes and the engine roars,
my heart hurt yet i smile,
waving my hand while saying goodbye with a smile is so hard.

this is dedicated to all my friends in IPG KDRI. we may have our rough patches and all but deep in my heart, i appreciate all of you. thank you for being my friends and i hope we can meet again, very soon, hopefully.