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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

light novel review: toradora

toradora! is technically among my favourite romantic comedy anime. and when i started to like something i tend to look for every information available about it, which lead me to the original light novel, Toradora!
as a reader myself, i began searching for the translated version and found it. it was translated and hosted by baka-tsuki, one of the best anime translator. but the download version is in epub so i can read it without epub reader. however it didn't stop me because i saved the source and read it there. i can't go online much lately so i resort to that method, for now.

now back to the story. all i can say is reading the light novel helps me understand each character, especially Ami (which i don't really understand in anime). the writing was smooth and enjoyable that had me read it continuously for hours.

the anime pretty much used all the scene in the novel, so it left less room to complain (i am the "the book is better that the movie ' type) all i can say is that the anime really did the light novel justice.

the ending is slightly different. in the light novel, taiga's family circumstances is explained almost thoroughly yet the separation between taiga and ryuuji was short. in a way, taiga got her almost happy ending. i guess the anime just wanted to make it much more dramatic by lengthening the separation between taiga and ryuuji with no explanation whatsoever on taiga's family circumstances.

in all, the light novel really focus on relationship between friends, lovers and family. i love how they stress on the familial relationship in this novel. it wasn't the cliche "parents works far away" setting that anime love to use to explain the absence of parents. this light novel really emphasis on the relationship or the lack thereof between child and parents.

a total recommendation to those who would mind spending some time reading this. and also for those who watched the anime, please try to take sometime to read it :)