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Thursday, October 2, 2014

book review: 13 reasons why

"I have something i need to talk to you" these words usually made us think all the bad things we have done. This is practically what Hannah Baker said to the peoples on her list.
"I have something i need to talk to you, you are part of the cause of my suicide,"

And Clay jensen are one of the peoples who received the tapes.

This novel is a series of event told by a dead girl to those who matters. Those who had in one way or another leave a mark on her life, her confident and her self. This is her tell-all stories. Of secrets and crimes and what should have and should not have happened. A mystery and eulogy.

Upon picking this book, i was wondering if i can really understanding it. Did i have to go few pages back to understanding the story? Fortunately not. Even with the two narratives, this book was easy to understand. The two narratives was weaved smoothly that even it was on the same paragraph, i can imagine myself as Clay and as Hannah.

Easy to understand doesn mean that is is really a simple story. No, it was much more deep and complicated than that. I can imagine one night on clay's life where he's gone from one star to another, reliving the story from hannah's point of view.
His fear and anxiety of where do he really belongs in this series of tapes. What is the possible truth that hannah know about him or relating to him. Why he was obsessed to her and her voice-recorded tapes.

And hannah, why did she do that. Taking on her own life. Leaving series of voice recorded tapes to them and make them.listen to it. Spilled some secrets. Make them see each other in new light (or dark, for that matter).

What you really did do and didn't do, Clay Jensen?