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Monday, October 6, 2014

anime review: ao haru ride

ao haru ride.....

my reaction when someone introduced me a shoujo anime: it's just the same storyline, right... cliche and overused, right?

though, i must say, there's really nothing impressive much about this anime, it managed to keep me hooked up till the end.

i'm not saying that this anime is bad, it was good even, especially to shoujo lovers. but it really wasn't my cup of tea.

the plot is kinda nice but in my opinion, it keep reusing the same formula. their on and off relationship, which i dont really get. the pace was slow but a bit rushed to the end. and futaba talks/thinks so much... i guess that is normal because this is shoujo anime and she's the main character.... but we only got a little peek on what Kou is really thinking and feeling.  their past relationship that was revealed little by little and the secrets that Kou is hiding....
to be honest, i can't relate with Futaba. maybe this is the reason why i don't really get this anime.

the art and animation was nice, as expected from shoujo anime. at least, this anime don't have too much of those sparking, kira-kira background moment.

the music. the openingand ending was okay and nice. but the song that i really love is the one in background, I Will by Chelsy... i don't know why but the melody just get my attention so much, better than the opening and ending.

in all, i'd give the anime 6/10, which is quite high for a shoujo anime in my book.