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Sunday, October 2, 2011


smile on the front, smirk on behind,

you said untruthful words,
laced with lies and deception,
making people believe you, adore you,
you are willing to harm them, let them down,
so that you can get your way,
you're pathetic, 
wake friends against one another,

now when i look back, i had always been careful when choosing my friends. i have not many friends but they are enough because i can trust them and they are supportive. yet, in my life i met a lot of people, with a lot of attitude. i keep my head down, away from any confrontations. keep myself away from any problems. i tried my best to be free of life drama. i describe my self as a pacifist. i don't want any life drama.
but there are somethings that are my limits. those things that i hate it when people do it to me. and to me, it was a fair warn for them to know that i am not afraid to do exactly what they did. i believe what goes around will come around, what you did to other, will come back to you.