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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

afterschool: mind blowing?

so i've watched the movie afterschool and all i can say it was really confusing, in a good way.

the main character are pretty much like me, i mean i  enjoy videos too. and in a way i could understand his character but believe me when i say, you gotta be robert to understand the story.

the camera angles were all messed up, in a way so that we can only think in robert's point of view. no other way around. at one point, i believe the screen shots were from robert's camera  which it isn't.

the plot were a bit slow and bored and not lots of conversation happened, only actions. but the actions told a lots of things, especially about the students of the bryton's academy. this slow plot at one time almost had me to push the stop button, but because i know the ending i was very tempted to see it, and the result are not dissapointing.

this story tell the different angle of american highschool,  to me, the real side. the one that they are hiding. no cheesy romantic scene, no stupid fashion style or in other way no disney high school shit.

it's safe to say i like it :p