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Monday, December 17, 2012

movie review: we need to talk about kevin

i watched the movie last night. i had it for so long but i never watched it because i didn't have the mood. but last night i decided that i must watch it or else i won't.
considering that i read the book, the plot was easily comprehended.   however, if you never read the movie, i welcome you to the world of confusion.
there's something chilling about how the story march back and forth in the movie. from the tomato festival to the red paint to the halloween costume to the water pump and the cracked eggs. all of it mere part of the book, carefully crafted via the point of view of a mother who at some point reluctant of her own son and the other fight for his attention.
i think all Kevin want was attention from his mother. he seemed to detected that her mother didn't really wanted him at first, (mommy was happy before little Kevin come along, now everyday mommy wake up every morning and wish she was in France). but it was not hugs and kisses that he wanted out of his mother, no, he enjoy riled her up to the point where she cracked. and when she cracked to Kevin, he had won.
the ultimate of cracking his mother up  is when he murdered his father, sister Celia (who is totally opposite of him) and a few schoolmates in a well planned massacre.
other people maybe had bailed on him, let him rot in jail or whatever, but not Eva. she still visited him at fixed time. granted, the visit was lack of conversation but it shows that whatever it is, to Eva, Kevin is the only relation to her deceased husband (Franklin) that she had. Kevin in a way still had a piece of her that was shattered the day he murdered the family. at the nearly end of the movie we can see that Eva painted a room in the small house the same blue like in Kevin's old room and arrange his furniture the way he did in the old house, with no personal influence.  in a way, it shows that Eva still welcome him home, after he finished his time at Sing Sing.
this movies didn't consist a lot of dialogue. Eva expressed her feeling through her action so did Kevin, by the way he looked at Eva.
the director (Lynne Ramsay)  and the actors managed to bring the deep feeling from the book into the movie and at the same time didn't lose the chill that Lionel Shriver had crafted in the book.
playing the character Eva, tilda swinton brings up back and forth inside her memory of the incident. ahe showed a great deal of emotion without much conversation. but the chilling factor that was brought bu Ezra Miller (kevin) is really what make the movie special. Ezra Miller is the perfect Kevin K.

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