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Monday, November 26, 2012

book review: paper towns

another book from my favorite author, john green. paper towns is about  a boy who had been crushing on this girl forever. one night of a well cooked plan give him hope but alas, the girl disappeared, leaving a bread crumbs trail for the boy to follow.

paper towns is a really good read. i love the road trip part the most. i honestly don't think the story is really about Quentin's love towards Margo but it is more about the friendship in between Q, Ben and Radar and also acceptance in between Lacey and Ben. in this story, i think Lacey is braver than Margo. she loves Ben and she is not afraid to show it. she maybe was ditched from the popular crowd but she didn't wallow over it. she took it like a champ. hell, she literally sponsored the road trip. she wasn't afraid to be seen with the unpopular crowd and she cherish them like how people cherish their friends. she jumped head first into the road trip not because she is with Ben (clingy GF, yikes) but she wanted to find Margo. i think john green simply un'pigeonholed' Lacey to tell the world that we can be with anyone we like, we can be awesome in our own way. Lacey is also a symbol of breaking the peer pressure.

paper town make me reflect on how we see others and how we see ourselves. what we see in people probably not really what she/he is. it maybe just the surface of a deeper feeling.
i think we see people just like we see ourselves in mirrors. we don't really see beneath the skin that was showing. just like people, we don't really see them except for what they show us and for what we want to believe.

and i think Margo  Roth Spiegelman is a selfish bitch.