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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

book review: the fault in our stars

another masterpiece by john green. honestly, if i never read any other green's book, i probably won't read this. i think cancer related themes novel are just too much too handle and i am not very good in emotion department. 
this book centered around two cancer-crossed lover who in my opinion was a perfect tearjerker. not because their unwillingness to live but their ignorance to the normalcy and the need to face the world and the consequences. 
in the book, i think hazel's really wanted to find out what happened to anna's mother (an imperial affliction) because that is the thing that she had access to. she will never find out what will happen to her parents when she died and maybe in figuring out what happened to anna's mother, she'll have a clue on what will happened to her parents.
i think the book also tell us that we can never be well prepared. our lives are not something that is predictable. in hazel case, she was so ready, so prepared to be the one that leaves everyone behind; her parents, augustus, isaac... but she was never ready being the ones that was left behind. that's why augustus' death had  been a huge blow for her.
yet, hazel shows us that lives must go on. she still had her parents and maybe the epiloque of 'the imperial affliction' waiting for her. her parents also promised her that their lives will also go on even when she is gone because the one that make the world  moving is the living, not the dead.

i won't give you the synopsis or anything because to reveal too much is like a crime because this book is so beautiful.

i can't relate myself to hazel in any way. i don't have cancer and i also never lost anyone i love. but if i were her, i can't imagine waking up every morning and being thankful that i am breathing and alive.