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Friday, January 13, 2012

movie review: bridge to terabithia

at first i was skeptical. it could be another one of disney's kids movie. with less emphasize on the other characters ( the adults ), but i  was proved wrong.
bridge to terabithia is a great movie that not only focused to a theme but a lot of theme like friendship, neglectfulness, bullies and fantasy. 

i have never read the book, which caused the great misleading when i watched the movie. but i still enjoyed it and it was great. the friendship between jess and leslie was as pure as kids friendship can be, it touches my heart.

the tragedy as the climax of the story was one of a kind. it was rare that we faced with death of one of main characters in kids movie, but in this movie it happens. it shows that despite all the fantasy world that they created their fate is still in God's hand.

the tragedy lead us more on jess character. how he coped with the death and how his family react. it was amazing how every character had their role as one of the fantasy creature of the terabithia.

i must say it was one of the movie that touches your heart yet did not pull your heart string too much. it was a beautifully arranged that we are much more intrigued about what will happen to the boy rather that what are terabithians. it was one beautiful tragedy.