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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

blogs that i frequenting

so this are the list of blogs, (actually, they are on the same network, or whatever you call it) that i love and must visit, like everyday. behold.... 
yang ni kalo aku satakat nak gelakkan org n kebodohan/ kecerdikan dorang. depend on how you view it.
yg ni nkalo aku nk cari something yg relate w/ my life or not. depend. but one good source of laugh.
this is like my fevret, like ever. coz they got cats and you know what is the awesomest animals? CATS!!!!!!!!!!  nyau, nyau >o_o<

ni tiga yg major. kt bawah blog ni ade lagi links blogs yang lain yg mmg aku akan bukak hari2. senag cakap pe yang aku suke adelah gambar, ayat bnyk2 ni tak main ler... ^______^ peace.