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Thursday, November 4, 2010

my life during the exam weeks

it's a total mess. i mean a TOTAL MESS!!!
first of all, physiologically, i always skip my breakfast, have lunch at unexplainable times and i guess the only proper meal i had in a day is dinner (sometimes, it's still not proper on the balance diet side, but, how can we argue, sigh.). i kept on sleeping late in the morning, like 3 or 4 am, and woke up like in the afternoon (ahem, 1.30 pm) and i think most of the time i bathe only once a day.
my room is the symbol of my mess, my last week laundry still hanging on the lines, my dirty laundry need another basket (that's mean it reached its limit) and i haven't made my bed since... i cant even remember.
my dear poor roommate have to put up with me, maybe until this semester ends. until them, i guess she have to put up with me not waking up or even sleeping, in the proper time. 
danm! i'm so buzy.... (but still have time to BLOG and to FB +_+::)
it's almost look like this, wait, it totally look like this (i guess)

sleep... even on the table is  a good place. and my bff trying hard to make  me eat...thanks girlfriend

the anime version of my room. it exactly look like youhei's ^ ^::
you cant blame me. i mean, my room is MY LAIR. so  i can do whatever i like to it, cant i?
*i didn't put my own room pic it this coz believe me, you dont want to witness the damage i've done* ;p