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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

dolls dolls dolls

welp, when talk about dolls, most people today would love to relate them with Annabelle. puh-lease, these dolls are much more prettier and cuter and not a bit scary like her.

10 years ago, i saw this very cute anime-like doll in a chinese magazine, and at that moment i knew i wanted that kind of doll. but the price would killing the 14 year old me then, so i just kept quiet about it.
fast forward about it, i met someone who had a doll like the one i saw, not similar just same. vibes and all. so, stalking began and i figure out what it is. a ball jointed doll or BJD. i asked him how to get them and he told me. but i still find it is hard and complicated.

one day, i saw this ad, about a doll up for sale. i just went straight and asked about it and voila, i have ordered a doll.

the type of doll i ordered is not a BJD, yet it has the same anime-like features, which is why i like it. my doll is a seamless figure doll, or SFD.

so, *drum rolls* here's my imouto Yozora.

i picked the name Yozora (night sky in Japanese) because of my own fascination w ith night sky and galaxial wonders.
and i just love playing dress up with her, these photo are yozora in some hand made outfit courtesy of my sisters. i can sew really well  but my sis is a tailor.

the white dress i bought from one of the toy agents in malaysia. it was quite cheap.
to be honest, dolls  clothes are so expensive. because it is not mass produced.
there is a yukata that i custom made for her, it cost me almost MYR200

i am so glad because i am not alone in this interest. there are quite a few numbers of people with dolls interest and  we sometimes hangout together with our dolls.

which lead to another thing which is doll photography. no, not my usual , camera-phone photography, this is real photography.

the girls getting ready and voila...

this is the result... nice isn't it. and i guess i have fell deeper in this doll- hobby.

credits to: doll owners
Kirua Fahmi Anra: Lilia and Hatsune Miku
Rin Blaze: Charlotte, Cecilia, Eli and Maki
Danial Farihi Baharom: Mika and Hatsune Miku
Cruzz-sama: Charlotte
Blackpata Tachikawa: Aika and Airi

edited photo credit to: No Name Photography